Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Ugly Truth (2009)


I was pleasantly surprised how good this ended up being. Sure, I wanted to see this for the jaw-dropping Katherine Heigl, but as it turns out, Gerard Butler stole this movie pretty much. He was brutally honest, yet insight-fully intelligent at the same time about the way the male brain thinks. The dialogue he has, almost came out of a Judd Apatow movie, but actually was better and more accurate.

The plot was not too different than plenty of other Hollywood movies, one specifically I thought of was the Eric Stoltz/Mary Stuart-Masterson HS movie "Some Kind of Wonderful." Except in this case, the girl needs the guy-friend's help to impress someone they admire.

Heigl did win some points too, as I'm surprised to say this, but she was effectively unattractive when she became clumsy. I actually saw her more for her character as the movie went on, rather than how drool-worthy she usually looks.

Save for a bit of filler (length), in particular the 2 scenes (the ballgame and especially the restaurant with the kid. That whole scene seemed like the When Harry Met Sally orgasm-scene done in a less funny way/situation) that were exaggerated more than I needed, it really had no other flaws.

Heigl needs to do more guy-centric comedies like this and Knocked Up as they seem to suit her. And for those who think this is a chick-flick, the kind of language and writing that Butler's character has would seem the furthest thing from it.


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