Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Neverending White Lights - Act III (2010)

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I have something important to share with you.

I have news now about the fate of this new album.

Though I tried relentlessly to finish this thing proper and with full intention to release it to you this fall, that simply won't be happening.

I refuse to put something out just for the sake of it. It has to be just right. I believe I'm one of the few artists out there (at least penetrating the mainstream, in one country anyway) who still has the need to bleed for a record. To take every note, stroke, and nuance so very serious. To the point where its just worn me down.

There will be no perfect album. That in itself is not perfection. No. But there will be a record that fills the requirements of this next direction and step into the expanding world that is NWL. My records are epic. Layered. And with much attention to detail. I refuse to let that stop just to hurry something out.

It's difficult, after all these months, and the past two years, to say that this record won't surface until 2010, but that's what has happened. And though I wish this wasn't the case, I've come to accept it now and feel it will do the record more justice. And really, if you believe in fate, or at least the idea that when your in a situation, your in a situation no matter how you dress it up - you'll understand that there's no point in explaining it further or making excuses. This is actually for the better.

All the long days of work and blurry clouds of creativity that stormed over me for the past year have been waiting to clear. That hasn't quite happened. However, they have broken and allowed a light to shine through. And though the skies are still grey, hope is on the horizon.

I will continue to work on this record into the fall. Until its finished. It is my hope to release a single early in the new year, followed but the full album. This will give the NWL team time to properly map things out, and it will allow this year to run out and bring us into a fresh start.

In the meantime though, I will post at least 2 new songs in the upcoming months to keep you close by. And also to give you a sense of the new direction.

So, bittersweet I'd say. But also kind of exciting.

*deep breath*




"d.v." is Daniel Victor the mastermind behind Neverending White Lights. He's been blogging rather frequently as you can see there about many things, but much about the 3rd Act of course. Frustrations, etc.

I'm not too unhappy as I'd rather him make the record the best way possible, rather than rush it. In many cases (dredg for example) it turns out for the better.

So, another one down for '09, and to add to the growing 2010 list. At least NWL actually keep/kept us updated unlike way too many other artists whose online presence isn't what us fans would prefer I suppose.

At least we have both Acts 1 and 2 to listen to still. It would be nice to read that Jimmy Gnecco is involved again, but maybe we will eventually.

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