Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stateless - LP #2

Well, there's not unfortunately at this time a ton of info to pass along, but I did check out myspazz just a bit ago and 2 noteworthy bits to consider.

1) Their current status says "currently mixing album 2..." and the last login was Friday August 7th.

2) an "Album 2 Intro Demo" is up. Chances are it was uploaded a few months ago given it has 11,000+ plays. But it's the 1st I've heard/known of it.

So, perhaps some details will be announced within the next month or so given that is the case. Their self-titled debut album from 2007 was pretty impressive. And while that intro demo sounded a little different; more acoustic, it does have me a little more up for hearing their next work now. I hope it's soon, obviously, but 1 reason is they have kind of been unmentioned over the last year or so, after a big splash in 2007. I don't know if many of the fans of their debut record even have any idea they likely have a new record coming out relatively soon.

But then again, the band Fields are in the same boat, and their 2nd LP was expected out in March, lol. But that was a bit like the Insideout situation where their record label went broke. I'm guessing Stateless are not running into that dilemma with that status mentioned on their myspace.

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