Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Ugly Truth...Porcupine Tree "

I have 2 potential free movies to see tonight. "Adam" and "Bandslam" both of which hold next to no interest from me based on premise, cast, and trailers. So instead, I think I will finally try and check out the Katherine Heigl (she's still a ton of eye-candy to me :p) picture "The Ugly Truth."

A Review hopefully should be coming soon after along with perhaps 5-10 other recent movies I've seen. More than likely, just a copy/paste from my comments on rateyourmusic (yes, they have a *movies section* now).

Not anything major in the leak department, but Porcupine Tree's new single "Time Flies" ..a 5 and a half minute edit surfaced earlier today. More folks are watering at the mouth about it, I'm sure. I hope it's good enough to up my anticipation. If I recall, it's the track/movement that has the lyric "I was born in '67, the year of Sgt Pepper (ah)" which from the teaser, was easily the most intriguing thing I heard.

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