Monday, August 17, 2009

Midlake - The Courage of Others (2009?)

A note I noticed the other day, but haven't gotten around to posting yet. Texas psychedelic-Fleetwood_Mac-inspired indie band Midlake have posted very sparingly info about their upcoming 3rd LP "The Courage of Others"

here's a bit of info

Midlake is happy to announce that ‘The Courage of Others’ is rapidly approaching the finish line of completion. The finishing touches are being put upon the long anticipated album and mixing has already commenced. It has been quite a journey, with its fair shares of ups and downs, but the band can’t wait to share the fruits of labor with everyone. No official release date has been announced, but stay tuned for one in the coming weeks. Sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone for their patience and support…

okay, the "July" projected finish time is past, but at least it sounds like it's getting done.

Keep in mind, this record was talked about in late 2007 if I recall, and even moreso last year. But if you go to their website, the last bit of news is a photo taken in the studio from December 2008, lol.

To say they have a lack of an internet-presence, atleast of late, would be accurate. No matter, I just want to the damn album. If it comes out, I couldn't care less. "The Trials of Van Occupanther" is decent, but not amazing album. But there's enough on it for me to hold hope for this group. So certainly, when I get to hear their new record, I will jump at the chance. I just hope these brief stories on other zines are as accurate as they say, and we hear about a release date, artwork, tracklist, etc say, before the end of September. If not, hopefully early in 2010.


Anonymous said...

Ha. The Trials of Van Occupanther is a flat-out masterpiece. But it takes a long time to reveal itself as such. You haven't listened enough.

Pierce said...

hotterthanjuly is correct