Monday, April 15, 2019

Meaningful Songs: The Spinners - I'll Be Around (+ an 80's Cover)

So I've been hearing this tune a little more recently of late. Maybe within the last year on WDGY.

The thing about it is, I will ALWAYS associate as the outro-bumper music on "Bumper-to-Bumper with Dan Barreiro, on KFAN radio.

I have listened to KFAN and first Hartman + Barreiro, and then Barreiro for the better part of 27 or 28 years. Once they split the 2 of them up, and Barreiro got his own show, I think it was then I 1st heard this track. Right around 1999 or 2000. But in fairness, I only knew the 1st 30 seconds or 1-minute.

Anyway, the embedded video below is the Extended 9+ minute mix which includes some really tasty extended instrumental sections including what sounds like Djembe or tablas. And a totally rich and lush string arrangement.

The standard studio version radio plays I love. Pristine production and such a classic, moody piece that has a wonderful vocal performance from the members of The Spinners.

But shit, I dig this longer version even more!

So I heard about this cover of I'll Be Around done by 80's band What Is This, and while it does sound pretty date or at least of-its-time, I can see why some enjoy it. Myself? I like the solo, and for a period-piece, I get that. but overall I can't say I want to listen to it that often again.