Saturday, April 6, 2019

Dirt Poor Robins - Dead Horse (2018-2019?)


Dead Horse cover art (also new music....a couple of songs I recall) are coming this month.

No photo description available.

Facebook Live Video (Live Streamed)

new concept album "Dead Horse" coming. Set in "Dead Horse, Alaska" in the 1970's if I heard what Neil said correctly.

1st 2 songs coming in April.

The Merch could still be coming.

The Raven Locks Graphic Novel is largely going to come with $ (Crowd Fund???)

Also they mention maybe when the whole thing is finished/released they will consider playing a show in their hometown of Louisville, KY.

Budget permitting, I would LOVE to go to that.

Those EP's Neil mentioned last year? I wonder if they became material for Dead Horse.

Also I am not assuming the whole album will be released/finished in 2019, but it sounds like that could be the GOAL, but no guarantee of course.