Friday, April 26, 2019

Kindo @ The Amsterdam Bar w/ Thank You Scientist and ItPoW 4/25/19

I saw Kindo again last night, for the 2nd time in less than 2 years, at the same venue they played at in 2017, The Amsterdam Bar in downtown St.Paul.

The set list below I believe is correct as I found it on for other shows this tour.

Great show, great performance, yadayadayada of course. "Till We Make Our Ascent" was the biggest highlight for me as I still consider that my favorite track from them. I literally got goosebumps through much of it.

The band's lineup was a little different than from 2017, which I think largely was due to time. Steven Padin was not there, but new drummer Kendall Lantz . Also 2nd percussionist Geraldo Castillo also was not there either, but a really talented guy whose name I didn't catch either.

Kindo did announce they will be doing a Headline Tour this Summer which includes a show on Friday August 9 at The Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis.

I can't see missing that of course.

Kindo of course has their Patreon which I am a part of, receiving 1 new song nearly every month. They've released 15+ new songs that were not included on Happy However After, *however* in speaking with Jeff Jarvis and Kendall at the Merch booth, their next official album isn't likely to be coming out all that soon. I wonder if a lot of that has to do with the touring and also among those 15 tunes and what I would assume, is many not released songs, they aren't ready to release a group of them together yet.

I.e. I'm not expecting their next record for probably 2 years. But as a Patreon, I can't be unhappy about that given how many new songs I already have been able to hear of course.

And I did see Joey and sort of talked to him during Thank You Scientist's set, which was loud of course. He asked me if I could chat after the show, and I told him yes.

But unfortunately, I had to leave at 11PM. TYS was still playing, and a combination of:
-My back and maybe unexpectedly, MY RIGHT ANKLE were bothering me.
-My wife needed to go into work at 6AM (getting up at 5AM likely), so I really needed to get home and to bed. As it turns out, she didn't get up/go into work at that time.

I didn't get to chat with Joey more for that reason, but hopefully next time.

Obsolete (abbreviated)
The Hero, the Saint, the Tyrant, and the Terrorist
Human Convention
Till We Make Our Ascent
Feeling in the Night
Symptom of a Stumbling
Return to Me
The Moments in Between

Estradasphere and RX Bandits? This was the 2nd time for me seeing Thank You Scientist. The below set list was taken from another show this tour on I don't know their catalog well enough to know how accurate it may or may not be.

I can say, I enjoyed their performance more than the show I saw them open for Protest the Hero. They have some great moments in their music, and while I still can't avoid hearing their singer channeling Claudio Sanchez, at 1 point last night I almost thought he sounded like Chris Ruff from Kaddisfly (Buy Our Intention-era).

They even included some ethnic instruments and instrumental sections which were cool and fun.

They are kind of technical and staccato-happy, almost

Their drummer, honestly should form a band with the bassist from White Denim in that he looked like he was about 19, but he was rather good.

And I guess they are going to go on tour with Bent Knee later this year. which I can totally follow and if it hits MN I likely will go.

Their "new" or new album-songs I may have enjoyed more than anything else they did, and their new album coming on June 14th is a Double LP, and I probably will try and check it out (time permitting of course., and disciplining myself. Instead of at-work, I'll try and add to the flash drive in the car).

But I can't say I still have been won-over enough by TYS that I enjoy them enough to consider myself a fan yet. I went through a similar situation with The Contortionist, Leprous, Riverside and even RX Bandits even. But with all of those bands, I never got hugely into them, but they did release 1 album I went back to at least (and made my end of year album list).

Thank You Scientist
FXMLDR (listed as 'Half Knuck' on the setlist)
Blood on the Radio
Son of a Serpent (listed as 'Serpent' on the setlist)
Lo Mein (unofficial name from setlist)
The Amateur Arsonist's Handbook
Poop Magician (unofficial name from setlist)
Chromology (listed as 'Buc-ee's' on the setlist)
Shitballs (unofficial name from setlist)
Mr. Invisible

Feed the Horses

This is not the exact set list as it was taken from another show on, and they did play a cover of Let's Go Crazy from Prince, and likely 1 or more of those other songs was not included.

As for them, I enjoyed moments in their music, probably some of the more proggy, technical parts. The Bass Guitar, not unlike other shows, was WAY TOO HIGH in the mix for me. At points it seemed like more or less all I was hearing.

Their singer both also sounded like he was doing his version of Claudio Sanchez, and also was too low in the mix I could barely hear him (on their 1st song).

But overall, their energy and busy moments I enjoyed.

In the Presence of Wolves
The One Who Fell to Earth
M.U.A. (Manipulation Under Anesthesia)
Let's Go Crazy (Prince Cover)
White Noise
Thalassas II: What Dwells Below (The Portal)
Man of the Times

Also it was neat to see some friends: Rob from Brice Play Drums/The Dang Ole Triole,
Nate and Heidi, 2 other local progrock fans.

I didn't see YouTuber Matt O'Leary nor Min Lee, but maybe next time.