Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Owel - Paris (2018-2019)

Classic Case of I've been checking out, but still have yet to hear an entire album (or heard it to form a semi-accurate opinion).

However, I've listened to about 2/3 of this album once, and some of the 1st couple of tracks a few times to know I am pretty much won over.

Credit goes to a super Mew/The Dear Hunter and PCR fan like myself named Heather whose maybe known best for her work on the MewX podcast.

Edits will likely have to happen, but this album dropped last Friday March 29th and Heather along with others comparisons to MEW along with some others (Oceansize and Kindo) had me curious.

Lorenzo from altprogcore also posted about them on twitter and his blog I assume.

Lots of great strings, namely Violin.

I hear Jazzkamikaze, Paper Route, Team Me, Ours, The Receiving End of Sirens, Aereogramme, Miracles of Modern Science, Revere and a lot of others.

The vocals are probably the biggest challenge, but technically their singer is pretty good. And the vocal lines are well-written. He just has a bit of an "Emo" or Youthful side (but not really like Anthony Green thankfully for me).

That and I suppose partially due to originality. They do remind me of a lot of other artists, however I think their songwriting is good enough it may not matter.

And this is their 3rd album, so I may have to go back to their previous two LPs eventually.

but for now, another album and ARTIST to come out of nowhere on my radar, that is doing progressive college rock with strings and dreamy dynamic parts that I totally go for.

And they're from New Jersey, so maybe I'll have a chance to see them live at some point.

Also they covered "The Crowing" from Coheed and Cambria, which I will have to check out soon.