Friday, April 19, 2019


It's likely happening.

The voting ends on Monday night at Midnight, and the playback on their Air in early May.

I will submit a vote of 10 21st Century songs, none of which will be on their air nor are necessarily definitively my favorite 10 songs of the 21st Century.

but how I'm doing this? like I meant to do last year, but never did, I am having only a slightly easier time with.

I've come up with 268 Artists/Bands who have released music since the year 2000.

1 song per artist/band at this point.

I'm not sure if I will find 500 worthy artists with at least 1 song, but I may.

in other words

500 artists, 500 songs, and I would suspect 75 or more Percent are artists 89.3 would never play of course.

893 or 1000? it might be a bit too much of scraping the bottom of the barrel, I dunno, I'll see. I know I am missing a ton, or I may take a liberty and select a 2nd song from some to get it to stretch out to 893 or 1000.

I'll see.

Time permitting of course..that darn house buying not only this but that book I mean to write..YouTube videos and other stuff have taken a back seat to recently.