Friday, April 26, 2019

Jon Anderson @ The Fitzgerald Theater 4/20/19

Much against the wishes against my better half, I attended this concert last Saturday night.

This was the 5th time I've seen Jon Anderson in Minnesota outside of a Yes concert (3rd solo/solo band, once with Jean-Luc Ponty and once with ARW), and in some ways it might have been the best.

I say that largely due to the band he has is really excellent. They very much jazz-ed and jungled/tropical-ed up many of the classic Yes tunes and some of his solo stuff including some of the Olias of Sunhillow work which were highlights especially.

Along with some of the material from the new album 1000 Hands. Among them, the 1000 Hands piece that went into Starship Trooper and then back to Solid Space.

I was really digging that piece, which I will confess to have the album on my hd, but have yet to listen to it yet, but mean to soon of course.

1000 Hands may be the best music he's done since "Open" which I asked my super-Yes fan John about if Jon's ever thought about playing live, but he didn't know but would like to ask Jon about.

But as far as the band, he had this great female electric violinist, more than 1 percussionist, and a couple of guys who played multiple instruments including Trombone, Flute and keys.

edit: here's what is listed in an article as his touring band:

Michael Franklin (keyboards), Tim Franklin (bass), Matt Brown (drums), Tommy Carlton (guitar), Jocelyn Hsu (Violin), Antonio Esposito (keyboards) and Chris Charles (saxophone, flute?).

Set 1
Ocean Song? (excerpt)
Owner of a Lonely Heart (Yes song)
Yours Is No Disgrace (Yes song)
State of Independence (Jon and Vangelis cover)
I've Seen All Good People (Your Move / All Good People)
Makes Me Happy
America (Simon and Garfunkel cover)

Set 2
Flight of the Moorglade
Sweet Dreams (Yes song)
To the Runner
Long Distance Runaround (Yes song)
First Born Leaders
1000 Hands (Come Up)
Starship Trooper / Solid Space (Yes song)

Roundabout (Yes song)