Sunday, April 1, 2012

Timbre live 3/28/12 @ The Beat

(the video and image above are NOT from this show, but other recent shows)

Timbre aka Timbre Cierpke is a Harpist/Vocalist/Songwriter/Hired-Gun I've been a fan of ever since seeing with Brooke Waggoner live, which in just doing a little research, was nearly 2 years ago on April 1st, 2010 at The Triple Rock Social Club.

I love Brooke, but at that show, I may have been as if not more blown away by Timbre and her mesmerizing harp along with angelic vocals. So much so, I asked her if she had music of her own, and she did, and I ended up buying her 1st record Winter Comes to Wake You blindly. Then not too long after, her follow-up, the 2010 album Little Flowers was released; which hasa become a record I have grown to adore, and ended up pretty high on my 2010 Album Index.

It's funny though, it has been only 2 years since being introduced to her music, but it seems like longer. Possibly part of that is following her on facebook for so long, this show seemed like such an accomplishment for me at least, having posted "please come to Minnesota" at least 5 or more time probably on some of her status updates.

So, she played with her trio of sorts as a short-notice show at The Beat Coffee House on Wednesday evening. This being the 1st time I got the chance to see her play her music, it was more or less a gigantic thrill. She played many pieces from Little Flowers including opening with my favorite track off it "I Will Go Plant Little Flowers." I totally had goosebumps hearing that/seeing her and her group perform it. I think that song, and the record captures such a fantasy element, like an escape or something. Almost like when you might go through a struggle with something, and then it all seems worth it because it produces something so beautiful, none of the sadness of your past matters.

Her group consists of herself of course, and 2 other musicians, Samuel Lockridge who played xylophone, vocals, guitar textures and even some drums/percussion. And Patrick Rush plays Cello and sings as well (and maybe some percussion?). Being just a 3-piece, they do or did sound bigger than that may seem. So much so, I think Timbre's music may come across even better live. It is so passionate and heartfelt.

As far as the rest of her set, she played 1 or 2 pieces off Winter Comes to Wake You along with 3-5 other Little Flowers songs besides the opening namesake track of sorts. And then 1 or 2 new songs, and a Radiohead cover, which despite my taste for Radiohead, sounded pretty amazing arranged for a harp and with her voice.

Of course a huge thrill was also getting to visit with Timbre and her band members. She confirmed more or less she is working on a new record right now, that may be released within the next year or less. Including 1 piece I recall she said, was a 15 minute Choral composition. I actually remember seeing her post something about that maybe even around the Summer or Fall of 2010. She also is involved with Brooke Waggoner's upcoming record, which I'm sure will be amazing. I also would suspect she will end up playing on other records as her list of credits include many (Anathallo, O'Brother, mewithoutYou, Umbrella Tree)

To add to her performance, this show included pleasant surprises from Samuel Lockridge and formerly of Nashville (and Colorado among other places), and new Twin Cities native Amy Courts.

Samuel Lockridge did the singer/songwriter thing pretty well at times, although I cannot forget his vocal style seemed to channel among others, Jeff Buckley and the lesser-known but still talented Scott Matthews. His songs almost reminded me of some of the dynamic and passion I enjoy from Glen Hansard and/or The Swell Season. I ended up purchasing a copy of his newly printed album on cd When I Rise, except for some reason I cannot find it now. I either left it at The Beat somewhere, or he never gave it to me after I gave him the money. I guess at least it's available to stream (and/or download) here on his bandcamp, but that still sucks that I don't have a copy after having paid for it.

And Amy Corts, I was impressed at times by as well. She does do the singer/songwriter thing pretty well, although the thing for me is with that style, a lot of artists sound similar. But I guess with her, I did find at least a few of the songs she played, having this high level of passion with wailing and what not, plus really clean sounding acoustic guitar, which I can be a sucker for at times.. I did pick up 1 of her discs as well, These Cold and Rusted Lungs, which while I'm not guessing I'll become addicted to it, still does have a few really nice, passionate tunes on it. Namely the *hit* she referred to( in trying to write) "Shiver" and "Stand" just from listening to it. But her performance probably had twice that many songs that got my head turned. So much so, I think I'll end up seeing her again in Roseville at J Arthur's Coffeehouse on April 20th.

This was definitely one of the best shows I've seen in 2012, and very fulfilling after Timbre went on tour a number of times and wasn't able to come here. I did send The Cedar Cultural Center a request/suggestion about the date which they had open, but a few days after the show they finally got back to me saying they typically book shows 2 months in advance. Which, I know makes sense, but still, it didn't exactly show much confidence. However, maybe they will keep her in mind the next time I may suggest her play there.

I suppose getting in touch with The Ritz Theater and of course my cousin Marc's venue, The Baroque Room about a tour ahead of time would make sense. I mean it's odd how she even was part of the National Association for Campus Activities Conference the day after, which honestly, I think the fact Timbre and her group being scheduled for that showcase in St.Paul on Thursday, was the primary reason she found interest to do a show of any kind in Minnesota on her tour, lol. I suppose had I known that, I might have been a little more forward with trying to emphasize how great it would be to get a venue to have her play at. I guess it was held in downtown St.Paul, literally walking-distance from The Baroque Room, lol.

Oh well, hopefully next time, there will be a little more notice and the show won't seem so last-minute. That being said, I do like The Beat Coffeehouse, and it was great to have them hold this show, being so at the 11th hour.