Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Michael Nesmith - Wax Minute

 This song is awesome. I was just reminded by that fact in chatting on facebook with some friends.

I really haven't added much about Mike or The Monkees in here, like I should have. Especially the Davy Jones passing. Why? the ole time, procrastination, and too many other items to post about as well.

My girlfriend worships Mike and The Monkees, among others like Mayer Hawthorne, Josh Rouse, George Michael, Michael Jackson, Hall and Oates to name just a few.

But maybe it's Mike, among all her favorite music, I am most intrigued by. The guy has made some amazing music, with The Monkees and on his own. And I have listened to some of it, but not as much as I'd like.

If/when the time happens, I will try and include a lot more about both him and The Monkees. In the mean time, I will say Michael Nesmith, despite my gf's take, was doing progressive music of a sort. Sort of alternative country of a sort, with psychedelic elements thrown in. Pedal-steel and/or slide-guitar featured at times.

Also some of his music has this driving funk/groove to it. Like the track "Capsule" for example off his 1979 record Infinite Rider on the Big Dogma.

The thing to watch for is, within the last month, Mike is for some reason posting a ton on facebook. Why? perhaps due to his eyesight returning after Cataract surgery. Also maybe due to his realizing time is catching up with him and others with Davy's passing. He is opening for Lambchop on May 4th (ironically my gf's birthday) in San Francisco, along with some other tour dates soon. Plus an album is in the works.