Tuesday, April 3, 2012

ON ORDER (List) 4/3/12

not that I'm sure many if any others care, but I need to, if for no other reason, keep a list for dictation-sake, of the items I'm awaiting but have not arrived in my mailbox.

maudlin of the Well Vinyl Boxed Set (Bath, Leaving Your Body Map, Secret Song 7")
Jimmy Gnecco – The Heart X Edition (CD)
Miracles of Modern Science – Dog Year (CD)
maudlin of the Well – Bath, Leaving Your Body Map, Part the 2nd (CDs)
The Age of Rockets 2 to-be-out-of-print T-shirts
Ne Obliviscaris 1 to-be-out-of-print T-shirt (reduced price at their store)
Pepe Deluxe – Queen of the Wave (CD)
The Kris Norris Projeckt - Icons of the Illogical

Marillion – Sounds That Can’t Be Made
Ours/Jimmy Gnecco - Black Card
The Dear Hunter - Lifetime Membership letter (and poster?)

The Age of Rockets - Adults (3 CD)
House of Fools - When the Lights Go Out Documentary (DVD)
Joey Eppard - Joey Eppard Live (DVD)
Vuvuzela - TBA (CD)
Judgment Day - Polar Shift (CD or Vinyl)
Renaissance – Grandine il Vento (CD)