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House of Fools - TBA

8/7/10 4:20PM

Here's a new video they posted on their blog a few weeks ago. Some of the guitar work, the doubling as they mention there, really is excellent. It has a very David Gilmour or even a little Allman Brothers style to it. Quite epic sounding.

It sounds like they are trying to put together a demo, so their next proper album may not come out this year. But I have to imagine with stuff like that, the desire to get it out for people to hear has to be sooner than later.

2/23/10 8:56PM

A couple of reasons to mention this group.

For one, they're sort of a favorite of mine, much like Bend Sinister, The Dear Hunter, Local Natives/Cavil at Rest, Apes and Androids/Call Florence Pow and others. And their highly impressive and addictive debut album 'Live and Learn" still remains something I enjoy and go back to on a semi-regular basis. However, equally as baffling is why nobody seems to like this band in the circles I frequent. And I've never understood why. Perhaps their record label, Drive-Thru Records is partially responsible on a more wide-scale success level.

But the same folks who obsess over The Dear Hunter, won't give this band 5 minutes of their day. And I stated back in 2007 how Live and Learn was an unexpected, amazing debut record that if not for The Dear Hunter's Act II, would have been the best debut album that year, along with finishing in my top 5. It just never got boring or tiresome. So many great, layered, emotional songs. I really don't get it why the prog scene didn't talk about it at all.

But alas, the hyperbole needs to move on.

So since 2007, obviously the band have been working on new music. And in fact they played some of it at the concert I attended in December 2007. So fast-fwd to 2+ years later. 2009 I thought they may have been looking to release something. Save for some demos and some live videos, no dice.

Okay, so for 2010, I figure this is likely the year. But very little info. They posted on their facebook page they were recording on January 5th. Okay, cool. But since then, I haven't seen much (although I haven't gone to their facebook every day/week really).

well I just noticed something a bit ago called "Fresh Hot Shit" that is 8-tracks and around 32-35minutes long. So naturally I'm checking it out right now.

1 Better Days 3:34
2 Impossible 2:53
3 Fresh Hot Shit 4:13
4 Sleep Well 4:31
5 Go Home Tonight 4:12
6 Need to Be Free 5:28
7 Keep the Customer Satisfied 2:37
8 Before I Die 2:48

I don't believe "Fresh Hot Shit" is their 2nd full-length, and I'm not even sure it's going to be an official release. But no matter, there are a number of tracks that got my attention thinking the guys are definitely back.

But then I just noticed this video over on a topic on absolutepunk.

"Sweeny" is not among the tracklist on "Fresh Hot Shit." So it has me thinking, that in fact the guys are primed for another extensive record. "Live and Learn" had 15 tracks on it. And with the amount of time the band has to write songs, 15 or 20 could be potentially on this next album.

Or maybe they'll put out a couple of eps? or a lp and an ep? who knows.

At a minimum, hearing this and seeing some activity from these guys have me rather excited for what's to come soon. But I hope they announce some official news about things, as if they went into the studio on January 5th, odds are they are done with recording most if not all of it. But like many other bands, HOW their music will be released has got to be the biggest hurdle and why some of this info as far as I know hasn't been announced. Hopefully it will soon.

edit: they have a new blog on tumblr (everyone is going there, I may as well soon).

and we have over 50 demos up our sleeves that we cannot wait for you all to hear. Its very possible that we may even tease you with a clip or two here on this very blog!

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