Sunday, August 15, 2010

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's - Buzzard (2010)

8/15/10 11:29PM

artwork and track list. It's released on September 21st.
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1 Birds 3:53
2 Let's Paint Our Teeth Green 3:11
3 New York City Hotel Blues 3:47
4 Claws Off [Explicit] 3:28
5 Will You Love Me Forever? 3:57
6 Tiny Vampire Robot [Explicit] 4:05
7 Your Lower Back 5:10
8 Freak Flight Speed 5:12
9 My Baby (Cares for the Animals) 3:37
10 Lunatic, Lunatic, Lunatic [Explicit] 3:47
11 Earth to Aliens, What Do You Want? 3:59
12 I Do 5:15

I dunno. To say my expectations for this album are a fair amount lower than their last record would be accurate. The lineup changes may ultimately
hurt their music more than I would have expected. I guess the horns and
other experimental parts to the band are limited if not gone entirely. Why I am really not expecting a ton here, at least from where this band was or could have been.

But, I'd love to be surprised of course. Richard Edwards is still a very good songwriter.

3/26/10 11:13PM

3 new songs are going to be recorded soon then mixed/mastered and added to Buzzard. It's likely to come out a bit later because of that. August is what they mentioned in their latest myspace blog.

As long as it comes out. Unlike some bands, it wasn't too long ago we got new music from them. Hopefully those 3 new songs help the album's quality,

11/8/09 2:234AM

the 1st single "Birds" will be apparently released on December 31st as a 7" vinyl.

it will include a b-side apparently too, but which one of the songs they've recorded, including the list below, hasn't been announced.

Songs recorded and in contention...
1. Yer lower back tattoo
2. Let's paint our teeth green
3. Arvydas Sabonis
4. Birds
5. Lunatic, lunatic, lunatic
6. Oh Francine
7. Earth to aliens: what do you want?
8. Bubbleprick
9. My baby cares for the animals
10. Tiny Vampire ROBOT
11. Freak Flight Speed
12. I do
13. NY City Hotel Blues #3
14. People make me sick
15. Your lawyer (can't stop me from loving you)

I'm still adjusting to the fact so many of the band members left. Andy and his brother Chris Fry aren't in the band anymore. I really liked them, but I suppose I want to wish them the best.

Just to review/reiterate here's what happened:


* Andy Fry, guitarist and co-founder of the band with Edwards.

* Chris Fry, drummer and key contributor to the band’s video documentation and album art (which has been painted by Chris’ girlfriend, Stacy Novak). Chris and Andy are brothers.

* Emily Watkins, keyboard player and vocalist — a female counterpoint for Edwards’ singing. (Ashley White sang in Edwards’ pre-Margot band, Archer Avenue, and Katie Todd is working on the new recordings after her cameo appearances on “Animal!/Not Animal”). Emily and Tyler are not related.

* Casey Tennis, percussionist and energetic focal point during Margot shows.

* Hubert Glover, trumpet player featured on signature Margot tunes “Quiet As a Mouse” and “Vampires in Blue Dresses.”

(The new songs are) much louder and more aggressive in general, but the quiet moments are much more bare,” Edwards said. “No strings or horns. Fun times.”

The new members of the Margot recording unit are keyboard player Cameron McGill (an accomplished Chicago-based solo artist), drummer Brian Deck (producer for “Animal!/Not Animal”) and guitarist Ron Kwasman (who’s overseen greening and recycling efforts for the band Phish).

“I don’t think anything is final,” he said. “It’s just going to be more in and out in terms of membership. I don’t see myself not playing with Andy or Chris or Emily or anybody again.”

That last bit is a bit encouraging as at least some of the members may return/play on future work, etc. Maybe a bit like Fates Warning or whatever.

As far as the title "Buzzard"..let's see, their debut album was called "Dust of Retreat" but had among other themes, a feline/cat direction. "Animal" and "Not Animal" of course based on the title(s) and now "Birds" from "Buzzard" another animal-based title.

Maybe Margot should shoot a video either at a pet store, or in the jungle/wild/forest etc.


Foldered said...

Do you happen to have access to the single or any way of posting it? I'd love to hear it...

Media Reviews said...

no dice. I guess I'll post something more if that changes. I'm a bit tight with my budget right now, so even spending $5.50 or whatever for a vinyl I may never listen to, but does include a digital file, is a little outside of my financial priorities.

But certainly I am interested in hearing it soon., myspace, youtube may all have it available soon-ish.

Ryan said...

You can listen to it here if you haven't already.