Friday, August 13, 2010

Warpaint - The Fool (2010) ****WORKING TITLE****

8/13/10 7:15PM

that's 1 source. It's due on October 12th on Rough Trade Records

also the Emily Kokal Appreciation page's twitter confirmed it as well.

Finally good to see. That is also assuming that date sticks. Hopefully the mixing and mastering work is done now. Track list, artwork, etc and some interviews hopefully will come soon.

I really was anticipating this thing in 2011 with all the news of their tours and NOTHING it seemed about it. I cannot forget, they TOLD ME in October of 2009 "it should be out in the Spring"..well 6 months or so late is a LOT faster than some delays (see the 3rd Ours LP for one).

bumpage will happen when all those good deets come out of course.