Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Protest the Hero - TBA (2010 or 2011?)

8/17/10 1:11AM

They hit the studio August 30th. My money is on a January or February release with that kind of late recording schedule. Mixing, mastering and of course the promotion/marketing required leeway, a '10 release seems pretty difficult (like Long Distance Calling).

2011 could be > 2010, especially in terms of depth, big name bands with new releases and top heavyiness. '10 vs '11 is starting to remind me of the 2008 vs 2009 comparison.

myspace blog entry

Hey There,

If I knew how to set the mood status on this bad boy, it would normally be set to "depressed" mode...but today, I would upgrade to "slight delight" because we have some news for you.

We just solidified the studio time for our next album that we have been writing for about three years or so. At least, it feels that way.

We have successfully bribed our good friend Julius B. to record it all at a brand new studio in Canada called "Jukasa". Our official start-date is August 30th and we couldn't be more pleased with the studio and producer.

When asked to describe the new music, we usually just get embarrassed and start to sweat. So take that in whatever way you want to - the one thing I can say is we actually have more than 10 songs for once.

6/11/10 12:56AM

A *pre-production* video from Luke

PreProduction Crepe from Luke Hoskin on Vimeo.

um, I have really no clue how to feel about this from that. Until they impress me more, I will state that "Kezia" had those wonderful acoustic sections and vocal harmonies that makes it among other reasons, a superior record to "Fortress." I'd love to feel differently, but bringing some of those qualities back to this next record would be potentially a great thing.

That being said, Fortess did have a number of songs I liked; I just would really go for them bringing back some of the stuff I enjoyed most about them and Kezia.

I also wouldn't be surprised to see this album come out in the early part of 2011.