Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Dear Hunter - Colors Spectrum EPs (2011)

8/4/10 7:18PM

I meant to post this the other day. But given the fan who posted that long list of points the other day was being told info kind of off-cuff and obviously is not working for the band or part of the band, Casey chimed-in on the lakeantheriver forum to clear a few points up. Namely that the Colors EPs will be MIXED BY JANUARY, not necessarily finished. The no-guests thing isn't definite either.

WHOA HERE.... Let me clear some of this up.

1. Dan Nigro is not playing with us. Rob Parr is playing with us.
2. Our Bassist/Tour Manager is Connor Doyle, not Max Tousseau. Max was with us for the last tour we did, but is focusing on his own music and currently we have Connor with us. He was also the guitarist in the band the Brobecks, not Max.
3. We aren't planning on releasing the colors by january, we plan on having them mixed by January and hope to release them as soon as we can once they are mastered.
4. Some songs on the colors are going to be less orchestrated, some songs are going to be more... there is a ton of music, and to call it all one certain thing, or to produce it all one certain way would negate the point of the project.
5. We hope to be working on act IV by the summer of 2011, but have no idea when it would be released.
6. The guest appearance side of the colors records is not set in stone either way- I would still really love to get anyone I can, but I am not saying names because I am not going to set things up to be let down.
7. The colors ep tour is just an idea right now, and there is absolutely no plan for any part of it- not for where, when, how, or with who we will be touring.

So... lets settle a bit.

EDIT: Also, I am trying to figure out just who you think andy is- mostly because you name Josh, Erick, Casey, Max (who is connor).... but you didn't name Nick- our drummer. Is that who you thought andy was?

8/1/10 11:50PM

here's some more details on the Colors EPs and a bit on Act IV posted by some fan who just saw them live the other night, they posted this info on The Coheed Forum (and perhaps others)

1. If everything goes according to plan, the Colors EPS will be put out as digital downloads and on vinyl (fuck the haters). He said that 7"s probably won't have enough room since there's about 4-6 songs per EP (that's AT LEAST 36 new songs, motherfuckers) so they'll most likely be on 12"s or 10"s. Which is great.

2. The problems with releasing the EPs are A) Money, money, money. Shit's gonna cost about $40,000 to put out and that's all gonna come from touring and digital downloads. B) The packaging. This is 9 friggin vinyls they're putting out, it's gonna be a pain to actually package it. He was saying maybe a box of sorts which opens from the top and there's all 9 inside. I'm thinking a slip cover sort of thing with the 9 in separate slips, but we'll see what happens.

3. They've got til the end of this year to get these written/recorded. He said they're about halfway done and it's going swimmingly. Having no label is awesome and keeps them able to do whatever the hell they want. And since there doesn't need to be all the marketing bullshit they can be released pretty soon after. How soon? Well...

4. They're planning on releasing them in January. Fuck yeah. And they'll all be at the same time, none of this "periodical" shit. I would have asked a price if I thought he had any idea, but I doubt he knows. Most of the stuff they say they're gonna do gets put on hold because it's just not able to be worked out. Since it's 9 10"s I'd say you're looking at $100 for the vinyls and like $50 for the digital download, but that's just a guess.

5. Goddamn Colors EP tour. Yeah, this shit is happening in March of next year. He said they want to get like 40 shows in so I'm thinking some sporadically placed West Coast dates with mostly East Coast and maybe a bit o' Canada. He said O'Brother would probably be with them, which is awesome because they're fun live. Now they wouldn't play all the songs from the EPs, but they would hit at least 1 song from each EP. which would make for quite a show because...

6. The EPs are friggin varied. I know we already knew this, but he was pretty blatant about it. Each EPs has a different mood and feeling. He let us listen to a rough version of a song from White and it was awesome. Really laid back, mellow, and euphoric. Mainly just Casey and piano with backing instrumentation, but he was saying the best way to describe it is "White." When you think of white, it's kinda what mood that color evokes and white definitely is mellow (and if it's not for you then gtfo).

7. The songs on it are gonna be less orchestrated. No more horns, violins, or other instruments they couldn't recreate live. It's gonna be much more natural and actually possible to pull off live. For example, as awesome as In Cauda was, it just didn't have the full effect because there were way more instruments than they could do live. These EPs can be played, and played correctly in a live setting.

8. The guest appearances thing is probably not gonna happen. It's just a lot harder to get the people together and do that shit than they originally planned. I told him Anthony Green should be on the Green EP and he laughed but said it was a cool idea. Hopefully we can see some AG on this bitch.

9. We also already knew this, but no storyline on it at all. It's just gonna be emotions n shit. Our little TDH is growing up and becoming a normal band! (But not for long because...)

10. Motherfuckin Act IV, bitches! Mr. Rheault said that they should be releasing (or maybe just working on) it in 2011. Summer, if I remember correctly, but I'm not quite sure.

11. On the upcoming tour with Coheed they will have 6 people on stage instead of the current 5. No, not a new member (we actually talked about how TDH has a revolving door of members (I think Jeffers coined that term)) but a GUEST appearance for the whole of the tour. A certain Mr. Dan Nigro of As Tall As Lions vocalist/guitarist/multi-instrumentalist fame will be joining the boys and shall be playing organ. It's gonna be fuckin rad.

12. The Lifetime Passes will be shipping fucking soon. As in the next 10 days soon. They want to get them out before the Coheed tour starts. It's taken so long because doing this stuff on your own is pretty damn difficult and between pressing the vinyl and getting everything set up it's just been difficult. Andy actually said that if they don't get them sent out then he will personally give me my package at the Las Vegas show with Coheed.

so it sounds like these will be just Vinyl and Digital releases right away. And the guests aren't going to happen. Anthony Green is of course good friends with Casey and some of the other TDH members, but honestly, I REALLY hope his services are not needed/used. Unless by some miracle/magical result, his voice gets deeper and is listenable. He's on Between the Heart and the Synapse, but honestly, I have NEVER noticed his voice in the dozens of times I've listened to that album. Maybe if for some reason he does end up on a future release, it'll be un-notice-able or like I said, his voice is deeper and less whiny sounding.

On the other hand, I do wonder if Jessy Ribordy or any of the other members of The River Empires that Casey worked with might be asked to guest appear on Act IV.

Also the tour info, frankly this guy didn't think to ask about the UPPER MIDWEST, but if it's 40 dates or whatever, I gotta believe some cities including Minneapolis would have a good chance to show up. Thus, my 1st use of my lifetime membership with free concerts should finally happen.

7/15/10 5:55PM
I haven't posted it yet, but have meant to. That is the site The Dear Hunter has been updating their Colors or Colors Spectrum ep series. There's some nice pics and little short postings about them, updated almost daily.


I'm curious about why there is no Brown or even Grey/Charcoal/Silver. But the article below says it's based on what the human eye can see in the Color Spectrum. Maybe those 2 colors or shades are just molded into others?

Here's a new interview with Casey.

It sounds like the Colors EPs could be released early in 2011, and the start to working on Act IV will get started next Summer. Which odds are Act IV will come sometime in 2012. Although their way of releasing it (since as Casey mentions in that interview, they are not on a record label right now) should be figured out soon. Maybe they need to get in touch with Fair to Midland?

Also someone on needs to update their location on their page. I'm not clear on how to do that specifically, otherwise I would. They are not based in Boston (or Rhode Island) anymore, but Temecula, California now.