Friday, January 5, 2018

AMR Podcast #8: Typhoon - Offerings and Chamber/Baroque Rock

Instead of making the entry 1st and then making a podcast, I decided to do the opposite previewing what may be in the Chamber/Baroque Rock/Pop/Folk entry.

Also initially sparked-by Offerings, just giving initial thoughts on this great new album from Typhoon.

I do think there is almost a yearning to do something soon about progtessive college rock in the 2000's and nostalgia. Maybe a Top 10 Albums or something, initially. Maybe make a podcast or video about that specifically.

I of course didn't mention every name, namely Sufjan Stevens who may be the most successful/popular/influential artist making Chamber Rock, but so be it. He'll be included in the actual entry.

I also failed to mentioned The River Empires as well..but there's many others of course.