Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Cloud Cult - The Great Alone [OST] (2017-2018)

Being officially released tomorrow, Thursday January 18th.

I definitely will be buying this, per my loyalty and love of Cloud Cult's music. It;s all instrumental, which honestly, may be really cool to hear.

I do recall Craig Minowa was interviewed by 1 or more people like a year or more ago talking about wanting to make all-instrumental music or albums, so maybe this is the 1st thing he and CC have done.

I suspect I'll want to check out the film after hearing this too (much like the new Nordic Giants, a film sadly I still have yet to see, and am unsure how to right now unfortunately).

Per Cloud Cult's Website

1.Great Alone Intro 3:40
2 Meditative Trail 3:30
3 Just Want To Be Like Dad 2:09
4 The First Win 2:24
5 Lance 3:01
6 Don't Tell Me I Can't 3:12
7 Cancer 3:03
8 Great Alone Close 02:53