Thursday, January 18, 2018

Kimbra - Human [1B/Video] (2018)

Liking it. More energetic I suppose than the non-album track released a couple of weeks ago "Hi Def Distance Romance."

The video is odd, but not too out there. It does capture sort of the wording and images that come from the tital "Primal Heart" which I noticed in the lyrics and of course is the title of her upcoming album.

The email I just read and was pointed to this, there's a lot more. Kimbra (not unlike myself, or say Amanda Palmer) is a woman of many words. So, the emails aren't often short.

Anyway..digging it, although I am starting to think more and more this album could be polarizing, even more than The Golden Echo is/was. And may be best received down the road, or at least long after the initial impressions this Winter and Spring.

But there's more to come..quite a bit more, and regardless of how I feel, I love Kimbra's music so much, I am definitely happy for that.

Also the lyrics "Being Human" I can't avoid thinking of the cool late 2000's BBC Scifi Show, 1 which I highly doubt Kimbra knows,  but so be it (imagine a sync to clips?, lol)