Wednesday, January 10, 2018

VINYL: Extreme + Rush. and Logan's Run

Extreme - III Sides to Every Story Rush - Closer to the Heart/Madrigal Logan's Run (DVD)

I decided to make a video for these 3 things, as I acquired the 2 vinyl records recently.

Logan's Run, I watched and decided to include. It's a movie I've wanted to see for many years, but never got around to it. I forgot to, but meant to bring 1 more point about it with the plot. How or why does the computer tell Logan to Run, sort of under cover? to try and find the runner's who went to Sanctuary? I should google it maybe and it could be explained. I assume the computer didn't want him to actually "Run" and want to leave the city permanently.

I should look for the tv series and maybe that along with the origin of the city is explained more in detail.

And also if it does ever get remade, if he is still around, Michael York would be fitting to be cast as the Old Man, assuming they include that character in the remake. Although if they are more faithful to the Novel, who knows (I would have to read it or at least more about the novel anyway(.