Monday, January 8, 2018

Kimbra - Primal Heart (2017-2018)


Album pushed back to April 20th per the email list.

Lot of other details I skimmed, which talked about a lot of things leading up to the release including more music of course.

1 track included in the email is, a non-album song titled "Hi Def Distance Romance" which I'll be checking out tomorrow morning.

11/10/17 11:13PM

Release date is January 19, 2018


1. The Good War
2. Top of the World
3. Everybody Knows
4. Like They Do On the TV
5. Recovery
6. Human
7. Lightyears
8. Black Sky
9. Past Love
10. Right Direction
11. Version of Me
12. Real Life

New single/video for "Top of the World"

9/19/17 6:53AM

Image may contain: 1 person, closeup

Sign up for the Mail List and you get more details. It is coming out in early 2018.

There's an exclusive, unlisted YouTube video to check out as well.

When more of the details come, including a new single and tour dates (Europe initially), I'll have to bump and edit this entry.