Saturday, January 27, 2018

dredg: Back in the Studio 1/26/'18

Not that this is anything large in terms of DETAILS, but as I have followed and at times posted in here and Social Media, dredg were looking to make new music, it was just when, how long, etc. And I imagine a lot of it was timing for the band members and their schedules.

But it is good to finally get actual confirmation it's happening.

When it comes out? I wonder if it won't happen until late in the year or maybe even in 2019. But I do suspect this could be the 1st album they make in a long time without any expectation from any labels, etc. I.e. this is dredg, how dredg want to make music. And especially how long its been and the overall experience of their last record Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy from 2011.

But, as a HUGE fan, I am incredibly excited to anticipate this album, whenever it does get released (6 months, or maybe in the next couple of years).

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Drew Roulette Day one of writing a new record.