Saturday, January 27, 2018

Michael Nesmith and the First National Band @ The Troubadour 1/25/18

So the wife and I made the trek out the Sunny Hollywood, California to see Michael Nesmith and his newly formed live 1st National Band perform last night, January 25th.


1st off, it was at The famed The Troubadour club, which I took some pics below, and many famous bands and artists have played there. But of course, the #1 to me is the classic Kevin Gilbert live album from 1995, that was later released as a DVD.

It was kind of surreal to be there, knowing 22+ years before Kevin and his Thud band played and recorded that show.

I can say, I thought it would be larger, but it does not look much if any different than from the video clips.

So 2ndly, of course the wife LOVES Michael Nesmith maybe more than I do Kevin. And the music he and this large ensemble group performed was largely from Michael's 1st 3 albums, which were under the "First National Band" name.

Now, my favorite Nez tune, "Wax Minute" was not on 1 of those 3, per it comes off Tantamount a Treason, which was the "2nd National Band"

but alas.

This show SMOKED! His band is fantastic! Of course it includes 2 of his 3 sons, Christian and Jonathan, both on guitars and vocals. And Christian's partner Circe Link did a lot of background vocals including harmonies along 1 other female singer.

Pete Finney who he got to play all those sweet, smooth and trippy Red Rhodes slide-guitar parts.

Jim Cox on Piano
Jason Chesney on Bass,
Christopher Allis on drums

I'm not sure if I can name every highlight, but 2 of them were definitely 2 of the tunes my wife looked forward to most.

"Lady of the Valley" and "Tengo Amore"

omg, LADY OF THE VALLEY is totally trippy! Like Pink Floyd trippy almost.

And Tengo Amore, has this outstanding percussive rhythm to it.

Even the standards like the 2 Monkees tunes, Joanne and Rio sounded wonderful; and more full even compared to the 2 other shows we saw Mike in 2013.

I gotta say, if we never get to see Nez again, this was 1 helluva show to remember. But per the wife, there may be both an East Coast tour for the First National Band in the works, and also a Mike and Micky Dolenz tour that may be happening soon. And in fact Micky Dolenz was at the show (he attended the show on Tuesday at the Coach House as well), sitting next to Jessica Nesmith. We ended up seeing him outside as well before the show.

Also 1 other possible celebrity sighting was Branscombe Richmond who may be best known for his role in the show Renegade (alongside Lorenzo Llamas). It was either him, or someone who looked A LOT like him.

I included some other pics below as well, just spending time in Hollywood. We stayed literally 1 block off Hollywood Blvd, and saw literally hundreds of those stars on the walk of fame. Rush, Phil Collins and Hall and Oates included. I just only stopped to snap a pic of The Monkees one.

And we went to Amoeba. I found some stuff, but didn't grab everything. I'll try and make a video showing/telling I hope. Of course the prices of everything out there is higher, and the driving/drivers are crazy. But I successfully avoided the hated 405 Freeway at least.

Nevada Fighter
Calico Girlfriend
Nine Times Blue/Little Red Rider
The Crippled Lion
Dedicated Friend
Two Different Roads (Michael Nesmith song)
Grand Ennui
Lady of the Valley
Propinquity (I've Just Begun to Care)
Different Drum (Michael Nesmith song)
Papa Gene's Blues (The Monkees cover)
Tomorrow and Me (Michael Nesmith song)
Tengo Amore
Keys to the Car
Mama Nantucket
Bye, Bye, Bye
Some of Shelly's Blues (Michael Nesmith song)
Silver Moon
Rio (Michael Nesmith song)
Thanx for the Ride

Beyond the Blue Horizon (Jeanette MacDonald cover)

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