Thursday, January 18, 2018

Typhoon at The Turf Club St.Paul, MN 1/17/18

Short review:

Typhoon played their 1st headlining show in Minnesota for the 1st time since 2013.

This may not be the 100% EXACT set list per I didn't know (or even could hear clearly) every song of the night, but I got this from the show in Utah on January 10th per

I know they played "Remember" 1 of 3 favorites off Offerings. And I know they played Rorschach as well as I would guess 3-6 other songs from Offerings.

And I recall they played "Artificial Light" from White Lighter.

Common Sentiments
Hunger and Thirst
Summer Home
The Lake
Prosthetic Love
Possible Deaths
CPR / Claws Pt.2
Young Fathers

The Honest Truth
Artificial Light

Anyway, to give some other basic details. The band had 7 or 8 members on stage, which for most bands would be quite a lot. But honestly, per my 1st/last experience seeing them at The Cedar Cultural Center with i'm almost certain at least 15 maybe more like 20 members both on stage and on the floor, Typhoon was a bit stripped down.

But still, great show, 2 drummers, a violinist, keyboards, 2 guitars, multiple singers besides Kyle Morton, etc.

And I follow why per cost. It can't be easy touring with that many people, etc.

The openers were pretty good. Sunbathe actually is Maggie from Genders new band, and were nice, sort of dream/shoegaze pop. She told me a new Genders album is coming soon too.
And Mimicking Birds actually I may check out now, as they had some of these cool guitar tones and moods. The crowd next to me for both openers and even for a bit of Typhoon, kept talking, which didn't help.

But overall fun show. And I definitely have more content about Typhoon soon per inspiration and of course that Chamber Folk/Rock/Pop entry sometime in the near future, which I have been working on here and there over the last few weeks.

Oh and also I did learn that A New Kind of House, the EP from 2011 from Typhoon actually features members of The Family Crest. A friend of mine who loves TFC and for that matter, the new TFC fans per The Dear Hunter tour, would have even more reason to check out Typhoon.

And of course vinyl coming on Video (both the new album and some cds and 7" I got at the show last night)