Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Albums Calendars Update/Plans

So as just below, I finally finished and published the 6 missing Calendars from the 1980's and 1990's yesterday and today.

What's left?

2001 and 2003

and then 2006-2017 I believe.

2001 and 2003 are the next priority, and once those are finished, I likely will go chronologically from 2006. There's a few thoughts about those of course. Starting in the mid 2000's especially, my collection and interest in numbers of artists began to increase by quite a lot, per there became many more titles of albums each year.

And to make calendars on 1 entry that is so long, it may go well over 100 releases, I guess seems a bit too much. So, the thought is to make them 1/2 Calendars instead.

2006 from memory, there were a lot, but not as many as say 2009 where my list that year went over 100.

So I may have to just start looking at the numbers for every year. But my prediction will be most if not all of the calendars will warrant well over 50 releases. Maybe even 100 depending on how much I include.

I.e. for 2006-2017 there will be 2006a and 2006b, etc or something like that. Maybe January-June. I dunno.

How long they may take? I anticipate maybe twice as long as the calendars I've done. So doing that math, 12 years/calendars x 2. Probably 20-25 Calendars worth in terms of time.

Timeframe? not sure, but I suppose a reasonable goal would get them most if not all done by say my wife and my Anniversary in September. But it could be sooner.

But to go along with that and this whole Calendar project, I have decided I want to try and do the same thing with Movies. In here or the other blog? I may just decide to put them in here.

This whole Calendar project has been meticulous and tedious at times, but educational and fun at the same time. And I love Movies sometimes almost more than music, so I am hoping to start doing that and get a lot out of it. I guess I'll see. And I wouldn't rule out posting them in the notmusic blog still, I dunno. But I don't plan to start doing any work on the Movies Calendars until all these albums Calendars are completed.

Oh and the Podcast and/or Videos? yeah, I still mean to do them if possible on YouTube. It may give them a redux or 2nd go-around per say actually which has its merits (i.e stuff I forgot, etc)

Also the One-Stop-Shop MASTER LIST Entry needs to be updated/fixed and definitely will before this is finished.