Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Long Distance Calling - The Flood Inside (2013)

 2/26/13 11:40AM
GO HERE to stream the whole album

I thought I posted more about this record previously, but I'll have to edit the details in later. Anyway, the whole record is available to stream now at the link above.

1. Nucleus (7.13)
2. Inside the Flood (6.43)
3. Ductus (6.48)
4. Tell the End (6.02)
5. Welcome Change (7.06)
6. Waves (6.38)
7. The Man Within (6.33)
8. Breaker (8.14)
9. Black Hole (4.28)

11/19/12 9:45AM

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Despite how underwhelmed I was with their Self-Titled follow-up record from 2011, their 2009 masterpiece Avoid the Light I still love and why I'm still optimistic about this band's new record. For those who don't know them, Long Distance Calling are a band from Germany who make a unique form of Post Rock. It's heavy, melodic, intricate, but not excessive. They create really a nice atmosphere at times.

Another early 2013 record to look forward to. A bump should occur when more info is given.