Friday, February 15, 2013

Brooke Waggoner - Originator (2013)

2/15/13 11:30AM 

I just preordered both the Vinyl and CD.



Head over to the webstore now and pre-order your copy of ORIGINATOR before it hits the shelves! CD &/or Vinyl is available.
If you prefer digital, you can pre-order through the site via my Bandcamp or head to  iTunes. The iTunes album is currently only available in the U.S., Canada, & Mexico.

And, I'm hitting a few beloved venues for release month!
Come. To. The. Show.
A gold piano, lunar eclipse, and my amazing band are some of the treats in store.

-Grimey's Record Shop InStore - Nashville, TN 3.4.13
-3rd & Lindsley RELEASE SHOW - Nashville, TN - 3.5.13
-Proud Larry's - Oxford, MS - 3.8.13
-Spanish Moon - Baton Rouge, LA - 3.10.13
-Cedar Door SXSW BMI Show - Austin, TX - 3.13.13

See link for details


2/4/13 12:30PM

New video for the song "Rumble"

12/17/12 11:55AM

The below info is all from her latest newsletter. Release date of March 5th, same day as the new Cloud Cult album in fact.

Extremely thrilled to announce that ORIGINATOR will be releasing March 5, 2013!!!

This is the official album cover for the lp.
I want to thank Rory White for artwork/image and concept and JT Daly for the design work on the packaging. These guys are insanely talented and I'm ecstatic with how it's all turned out.

I also want to announce the official tracklisting for the project:

1. Shiftshape
2. Rumble
3. From the Nest
4. Ink Slinger
5. Squint
6. Perish
7. Welspryng
8. Waterlogged
9. Canticle
10. Mixin' with the Birdies
11. To Love

There's so much music ready to share with you.
We'll have new merch, vinyl, tours, release shows, and a slew of other news to share with you as the new year begins.

Stay tuned,

10/17/12 1:00AM I guess this is the cover. It apparently was sent to her email list. I guess I'd like to see something from her about it elsewhere like Facebook/Twitter or her website, but until then, the word of the Email list will have to do. It's certainly odd, almost striking, but maybe the music will be that way as well. Even if the cover art doesn't stand out as much as I'd like, if the music is good, it will hold very little importance.

9/14/12 12:35PM

She made this announcement from her Facebook on Tuesday.

My new single INK SLINGER is available for worldwide download today via Rolling Stone!

This is a FREE download from my upcoming album "ORIGINATOR"!

Enjoy and come back to support more when the album releases early next year (2013)!

That's right folks, the album release is being delayed for a few months.

My apologies for the postponing, but keep checking back for updates -- coming very SOON!

Also, head over to Industry of One to check out the photo shoot we did at my Nashville home when Industry of One came down from Brooklyn to visit. My most recent interview is also included.

Final bit of news, I'm playing NPR's Mountain Stage again this year - show date is officially November 18, 2012! Come to the event and hear some new songs from the upcoming record, "ORIGINATOR".




While I'm honestly a little sad the album is delayed a few months, I know it will come out all the more better when it does. And the new single linked above "Ink Slinger" is REALLY FUCKING GOOD.

I guess I've said this about 50 times about her and Timbre too, but it bares repeating. All the JOANNA NEWSOM and Regina Spektor (to a lesser extent) Hipster Lemmings need to check Brooke out and realize what what good songwriting combined with good musicianship from a adventurous yet accessible singer/songwriter ACTUALLY DOES SOUND LIKE.

2009's Go Easy Little Doves is an AMAZING RECORD, that STILL NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ENOUGH PEOPLE HAVE HEARD/APPRECIATED. And this next album could very well match or be better. Although "Ink Slinger" is a little different stylistically, but it still has the trademark layered, emotional and uplifting element that Brooke is known for.

I guess for now, that tune will have to tide me over, but come early next year when Originator drops, I'm going to be extremely excited, and probably still but not expect a larger amount of notice about it, than her previous work.

I should hope Jack White will get a copy and perhaps say some things about it. Of course that would be in part, due to the fact Brooke's been part of his touring band in 2012, and I believe she also played on his new album. And beyond the Joanna Newsom and Regina Spektor crowd, maybe then The White Stripes/Raconteurs/Dead Weather and his Solo Band fans will be exposed to her own music. And at least a percentage become fans.

We'll see, but for now I'm loving this new tune of hers.