Thursday, February 28, 2013

K Sera - Collisions and Near Misses (2013)

Collisions and Near Misses cover art

1.Collisions 02:44
2.Near Misses 03:15
3.Meditations in an Emergency 03:38
4.Dream, Like I Do 04:01
5.St. Peter 03:44
6.Carry 02:59
7.Hollow Ground of London 05:16
8.True Enough To Be Interesting 03:30
9.Ambien 04:14
10.The Economist 03:30

This is the debut album from the San Francisco-based college-prog band, an album that Casey Crescenzo of The Dear Hunter produced. More to add in due time, but I saw their name last year in Alternative Press and they mentioned working with Casey on this debut record. The EP I checked out was not amazing, but had enough to have me curious.

I've checked this record out once and while it's not the most original thing I've ever heard, the styles, influences (The Dear Hunter? 22? Panic at the Disco? As Tall As Lions?) seem to have enough appeal, along with the all-important songwriting which sounds like it's good enough and varied enough to impress me enough to plan to go back to this more.

I'll hopefully add more here or in another entry soon/later in the year. But on the surface, 1 of the 1st new bands of 2013 that has my attention.