Sunday, February 24, 2013

For the Imperium - Hail the Monsters (2013)

2/24/13 5:10PM

Whole album can be streamed at the above link.

1/19/13 1:25AM

Video for "Sudden Death"..not bad, although different in some ways, as it seems the vocals are more guttural overall.

1/8/13 5:03AM
I'm pretty excited to hear this record, as their Self-Titled debut record from 2011 finished pretty high on the AllMediaReviews Index as it's a record that impressed me a ton back then, and I still enjoy playing every so often.

For those unfamiliar, For the Imperium are a Finnish experimental/avant-garde progressive Metal band who have managed to mold their own style somehow while taking a bunch of influences such as Faith No More/Mike Patton, Avenged Sevenfold, Protest the Hero, Coheed and Cambria, System of a Down, and Between the Buried and Me among others.

But I think maybe what made that debut record the most impressive is of course, the quality of the songwriting. It almost always comes back to that, and that record has it, and hopefully this one will have it as well. And as that press release reads below, the 1st single "Sudden Death" is coming on January 18th, and then the whole thing comes on March 1st, just before/within the same week I now count 3 big records being released along with Cloud Cult and Brooke Waggoner. It seems like every year March has at least 1 week where a bunch of highly anticipated albums come out, and this year, at least the 1st week of March seems to be one of those weeks.

The cover art by the way, I can't avoid thinking, looks like the Baroness (and Kvertelak?) album covers. I wonder if this is the same artist, or someone whose a fan?

Hail the monsters

2013, Warner Music Finland/Graphite Records

Track listing:
1. Take a Breath, Now You´re Going To War
2. Northern Rampage (Muscles and Gasoline)
3. Victim´s Day
4. Sexual Advisory (Explicit Content)
5. Heaven Shall Fall/Hell Will Return
6. Army of Death
7. Sudden Death
8. Satan Det Gör Ont
9. FRNDSHP Is Over! P.S. Say No More
10. Filthy Animal, Go and Save Yourself!

Produced by For The Imperium and Kari Huikuri
Recorded by Kari Huikuri at Scandal Recording [June/July 2012]
Mixed by Miitri Aaltonen at Falcon Nest [Sept. 2012] / Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox [Oct. 2012]

FTI: Hakim Hietikko: vocals / Ville Suorsa: guitars / Jyri Helko: bass / Tuomas Rauhala: drums

Keyboards, programming, backing vocals and additional instruments by FTI.
All songs composed by FTI, all arrangements by Kari Huikuri & FTI.

All hail the new age of metal – Hail The Monsters!

Prepare for the retaliation of For the Imperium!

The new website for the band got released today. The stupendous description of the album "Hail the Monsters" is included, written by Mape Ollila (the grand old man of Finnish metal scene)

The Helsinki-based FOR THE IMPERIUM has given its metal a brand new outfit!

"Hail the Monsters", an album manufactured during the whirls of last year, is ready to be released and will see daylight on the 1st of March.

The band and the forthcoming album have already aroused active interest among the peers in the music industry through borders. It goes without saying that this spring, FOR THE IMPERIUM will pull an assortment of aces from their sleeves.

The prelude to "Hail the Monsters" will be heard on the 18th of January when FOR THE IMPERIUM will release the first single "Sudden Death". The perceptive lyrics and the astonishing video - which will be featured on Inferno Metal Magazine's website ( - inspired the band to donate all the profits acquired from the single to charity undeducted.

Commented by the band's bass player Jyri 'Käärmetukka' Helko: "We chose a group called Food Not Bombs from Helsinki because we wanted to support small local activity that actually makes a difference. Millions of people in the world are starving while staggering amounts of money are spent on rearmament. The purpose for Food Not Bombs -activities are to pay attention to this fact by giving away free food."

"Sadly, not too many bands these days dare to voice their opinions about anything. The lyrics tell us about a world where people are no longer treated as individuals, but statistics. Those who refuse to stand by silently, will be silenced."

"Hail the Monsters" will be released in Finland and Great Britain 1st of March 2013 (Warner Music Finland / Graphite Records). The remaining dates will be announced later.