Monday, May 4, 2015

Peter Gabriel - Documentary for Security (or PG4)

I noticed Joseph Auger mention this to Kimbra, of all people yesterday. I of course had never seen this doc on Peter Gabriel's 4th S/T (or aka Security album). An album I have noticed a lot of the hardcore fans consider possibly his best (or their favorite).

It does include the 1 hit "Shock the Monkey," but beyond that, it's definitely more experimental and ambitious I suppose. But at the same time, I can't say I feel it's amazing, like more or less all 4 of his S/T albums.

And oddly, there is not much if any footage of the writing/recording of Shock the Monkey.

That being said, this is quite a cool doc, odd too to see Tony Levin without a mustache and some of the members of Peter's band (Jerry Marotta and Larry Fast namely).

There's some others on YouTube that I may be checking out soon, and possibly bump this entry, or add a new one for.