Saturday, May 9, 2015 Top 10 Concept Albums

Not a bad list

for what it's worth, here's the actual link/with the site's voting results

I guess I have no issue with them having Thick as a Brick (as I happen to love that record) and Sgt Pepper's as well..; the Volta, Queensryche, The Who and even Rush and Dream Theater titles I would personally take a different record from

Frances the Mute
Promised Land
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

but I like more or less all of those albums at least. Although I consider Quadrophenia a MUCH better album in general to Tommy, I still enjoy Tommy, but maybe not the concept nearly as much as Quad's.

Now with The Wall, like Tommy, I like a lot of the music (probably about 2/3), but find both with the concept to be too overblown and preachy; and just doesn't work as a whole.

I noticed Animals relatively high on the voting list, and I would easily choose it over both in terms of the music of course and the CONCEPT in fact. Less is definitely A LOT MORE with Animals vs The Wall.

The David Bowie I can take or leave. I enjoy Bowie and that album, while not my favorite Bowie record, I still can understand why it may make this list.

Green Day? so typical, but blech..terrible concept and maybe even more terrible music from a terrible band; but I suppose it hardly is surprising to see based on the voters and what kinds of picks WMJ tends to include in these lists.

It was nice to see in the HM's Genesis The Lamb among a few others.

What albums did they miss? for my personal taste, I would look no further than basically my 4 favorite albums of all-time

-Marillion - Brave (or Misplaced Childhood I would have had no issue with still)
-Kevin Gilbert - The Shaming of the True
-Soundscape - Discovery (no chance it'd ever make this list, but it is a concept album and it is an all-time favorite. I suppose if Fates Warning had been included, something like A Pleasant Shade of Gray or Awaken the Guardian I'd be satisfied at least in a way)
-Apes and Androids - Blood Moon