Sunday, May 10, 2015

For What It's Worth: This Blog's Hit total went to 750,000 this morning

Not sure how visible that is, but the image url is likely more clear. Based on the tracked statistics from Google Blogger's analytics, 750,000 page views happened early this morning.

Although I am skeptical it is fully accurate per like a week ago it showed over 1000 hits 2-days straight, yet the largest views on 1 or 2 entries was like 30 or 40. But so be it.

750K, lol. In the 8-years in change I've wasted my life's time here. I guess we'll see how long that number takes to find 1 million, but I may be re-assessing some things especially at that point, in the next year or 2. But until then, it will be interesting to watch.