Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Get Well Chris Squire!

USA Today story

He has been diagnosed with Leukemia, which for what it is worth, seems to be a form of cancer that I notice can be beaten (more than others), but ANY cancer of course is unfortunate and a concern.

He has played every single Yes concert since their inception in 1968  I guess, and the tour dates they have scheduled, assuming they still go on, will likely have a replacement.

That story says Billy Sherwood will fill-in for their Summer tour dates with Toto.

I don't imagine I will be attending any of the shows this Summer nor Cruise to the Edge anyway, but for those who do, they will have to keep this and Chris's health in mind.

All the rock and (prog) stars of my time and before are not so young, this stuff is bound to come up with some of them. It's a bit scary to think all those musician heroes of mine one day will not be around. And the members of Yes certainly are in there, even with Peter Banks passing a few years ago of course.

But for now, I do hope Chris is able to do well with treatment and can beat this of course. And who knows, maybe him and Jon Anderson can let by-gones be by-gones when something like this comes up.