Friday, May 8, 2015

2014-2015 Midseason Video (30 Minutes)

Here's the video version of the previous entry in-effect.

I did NOT INTEND this to be as long as this did, but this ended up being 30 minutes, I suppose largely due to just how many records I mentioned, even with the approach of only speaking 1-2 minutes tops about them.

I actually have a timer that I picked up largely for limiting the length of these specifically, but I couldn't find it when I filmed this (I of course found it today in true Murphy's Law fashion).

Experience, trial-and-error, etc..the more times I try and make these, the more I at least learn from repeated experiences such as inserting an image, etc. But with that, I am coming to assume the time requirement, whether the video is 10 or 30 minutes long, is usually going to be a fair amount (2-3 hours usually).