Saturday, May 16, 2015

Miracles of Modern Science - Mean Dreams (2014-2015)

5/16/15 9:24AM

Video for "Follow Your Heart (Or Something)"

5/15/15 6:30AM
Bandcamp Page w/ Preorder

The preorder for Mean Dreams can be done in all formats (Digital, CD and Vinyl) and includes a download of the 1st track "Follow Your Heart (Or Something)," which is also embedded below to stream.

Pretty excited for this next LP from MOMS, which drops officially on August 12th, 2015. Meems, their last EP from a few years ago was really good. as well as Dog Year their 1st album.

I always love the energy they bring, and this 1st track has that among other things.

1. Follow Your Heart (Or Something) 02:48
2. Don't Feed the Party Animal
3. Mothers in Jeans
4. Jimjams
5. Tap Dance
6. Bad Body
7. The Chop
8. Theme from The Magicians
9. Fidget
10. Never Knew Normal