Monday, May 18, 2015

The Music Life Podcast (The Reign of Kindo + Jolly members)

This podcast was launched late last week, and the 1st episode is embedded below. I noticed it was posted on The Reign of Kindo's Facebook page here, last friday. The description was more or less 2 musicians who are friends and chat about things about being a working musician, among the 2 of them, Joey Secchiaroli from Kindo and Louis Abramson from Jolly. And the plans are for them to talk to a lot of other musicians as guests, etc.

And other folks, related or involved perhaps.

So that description reminded me somewhat of The Color of Air Podcast from Greg Massi
which in listening to this initial 1st podcast of The Music Life, it does in some ways. Although for one, it doesn't seem to be downloadable, but only able to hear per a stream, which I guess isn't that big of a deal except for the fact I like to listen to podcasts at work, and I can't stream stuff while working unfortunately. So I may have to try and use my free/non-work time just checking these out.

I also am not sure how much they will actually chat about music, recording, favorite albums, etc..They did get into that here and there, but just from 1st impression, it's not exactly to the degree The Color of Air does.

But in fairness, this is just their 1st podcast.

I also do hope to hear some background/insights about their music, namely Kindo of course.

But at this point, I will definitely be keeping tabs on The Music Life and what guests or topics they cover just to see. And it is once-a-week at this point; maybe every friday? since last week's came out on Friday anyway.