Saturday, May 9, 2015

Daniel Johns - Talk (2014-2015)

This was announced I guess back on April 30th, which I recall seeing the new single info and video but missed the part about the actual LP.

May 22nd full length. It seems some of the Aerial Love EP (title track and "Preach") is included, which I am only luke warm about given the ballad/soulful-pop nature of it.

The lead single for this full-length "Cool on Fire" is below, and it seems similar, although at least there's some use of electronics.

I dig a lot of Daniel's previous music from the 2000's, but I'm not sure how much this new solo music will do for me.

Like albums like Diorama and Young Modern, I thought I read Van Dyke Parks was pretty involved with this solo work, which he very well may, but I suppose I wondered if a lot of the music would include a lot of orchestral/string arrangements and multi-layered vocal harmonies, which I can't say from Aerial Love EP and "Cool on Fire" I notice it all that much.

But I do certainly want to hear this record regardless, and maybe it'll surprise me. "Cool on Fire" does have a little bit of a cool hook at least.

talk daniel johns

1 Aerial Love
2 We Are Golden
3 By Your Side
4 Preach
5 Too Many
6 Cool on Fire
7 Imagination
8 Dissolve
9 Chained
10 Sleepwalker
11 Faithless
12 Warm Hands
13 Going on 16
14 New York
15 Good Luck