Thursday, May 21, 2015

Mutemath - New songs live

5/21/15 6:02PM

The new/upcoming 4th full-length album may be titled "Vitals"..but then again, it could be a reference that it is *vital* information or something referencing those images there or maybe a song title on the upcoming Mutemath album.

A user on there claims that is the title, however, I can't find anything that actually verifies their credibility being a manager or or some inside connection with Mutemath. But, odds are they are correct with the below post.

I'm sure that info will come soon along with a track list, release date, artwork, and at that point, i'll start a whole new entry of course.
Facebook post


Mutemath posted a new pic and a video of drummer Darren King the other day on their Facebook

Which leads many to speculate a new album announcement isn't too far away. So with that, I noticed
a guy on Incubus fans forum shared a bunch of YouTube links of new songs over the last few years that likely will be included on their upcoming record.

Where We Once Were

Hit Parade


Just Human / That's All You Get



Used To


Light Up