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Timbre - Sun & Moon (2014-2015)

5/20/15 6:43PM

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She opens for of all people, Ben Folds on Saturday 5/23. Hopefully a lot of new fans will be made from that.

5/15/15 5:03PM

For what it's worth:
It's gone up to #5 on's 2015 Chart

4/7/15 11:25AM

It's finally released today, 4/7/15. The Digital release on various sites including of course Her Bandcamp which is Embedded Below and the money goes DIRECTLY TO TIMBRE.


I've been listening to this double album a bit more since my initial posting a couple of weeks ago, and can say I enjoy a lot of it and it should be pretty high in the upcoming midseason countdown list. I also hopefully can make a YouTube Video review about it soon with some hopefully somewhat brief comments.

3/27/15 5:30AM

It was sent as a download the Indiegogo backers yesterday, so I received my download and gave it a go of course.  The track list breaks down below:

As far as a take: this is an EPIC record, not only, but of course a lot just due to the length.

My early highlights would definitely include "Night Girl: Nycteris Sees the Sun," "Singing and Singing," "Chicago Pier," "Song of the Sun," and "Your Hands Hold Home."on Sun. On Moon, "As the Night" for sure. "St.Cecilia" I do like, although I may have to revisit that live version below, as it definitely is an extensive.

The Moon stuff I can tell will have to grow some, which I'm unclear especially about the extensive all-Choral piece "Sunset (O Lux Beata Trinitas."

I'm going to have to spend quite a bit of time with this, and lord knows Timbre and all the people she had help her with this, did. But as far as addictive-ness, I'm wondering about the Moon portion as much as Sun. Sun definitely includes a lot of Timbre's traditional style of music along with some new things. Moon is more classical/chamber/baroque/orchestral and operatic which the Opera or Opera-music can be gray in feeling for me at times.

I dunno, there's definitely a ton to take-in and an extensive amount of brilliant music on this album, which I was thinking it almost could be looked at like some other double records I like, such as Marillion's Happiness is the Road or something, as 2 companion but still SEPARATE records really.

Is it going to be a favorite 2014-2015 record for me? it certainly could be rather high on the countdown list, but the jury is out still for me early on, as it is a lot to compare and measure up. I mean it is the blood, sweat and tears for Timbre for the better part of 5 years, so go figure it's such a Magnum Opus. Perhaps my ability to love extensively long works of music has become more picky, conservative or at least more challenging recently?

I dunno. I do know I love a lot of this, and it includes some amazing stuff. "Night Girl: Nycteris Sees the Sun" alone is about as proggy as anything I've ever heard from Timbre, which is worth the price of admission alone for this album.

1. Sunrise 3:38
2. Song of the Sun 5:23
3. Your Hands Hold Home 8:18
4. The Persistence of First Love 2:55
5. Singing and Singing 7:21
6. Of Waving Woods and Waters Wild 2:32
7. I Am in the Garden 7:40
8. Chicago Pier 6:27
9. Morning Birds 2:00
10. Night Girl: Nycteris Sees the Sun 5:50


 photo Timbre - Sun amp Moon - Timbre Moon Panel-1800px-by-1800px_zpse4stxz0d.jpg
11. Sunset (O Lux Beata Trinitas) 10:57
12. Of Cloudless Climes and Starry Skies 4:17
13. St Cecilia: An Ode to Music 13:25
14. As the Night 8:17
15. Sanctus 4:34
16. Day Boy: Photogen Sees the Moon 16:39


Total Time:
1 Hour, 50 minutes 13 seconds

3/17/15 4:56PM

Tracklist is posted there. and the listing on her bandcamp.

The below tracklist is 16 tracks, so I'm wondering if both "Sun" and "Moon" both include 8 tracks each?

I guess we'll find out soon enough.

1. Sunrise
2. Song of the Sun 05:23
3. Your Hands Hold Home
4. The Persistence of First Love
5. Singing and Singing
6. Of Waving Woods and Waters Wild
7. I Am in the Garden
8. Chicago Pier
9. Morning Birds
10. Night Girl: Nycteris Sees the Sun
11. Sunset (O Lux Beata Trinitas)
12. Of Cloudless Climes and Starry Skies
13. St Cecilia: An Ode to Music
14. As the Night
15. Sanctus
16. Day Boy: Photogen Sees the Moon

Sun & Moon is the exploration of an idea: no art exists on its own. Art always influences art. This album explores the deep intrinsic relationship between popular music and classical music. “Sun” features music written and performed by my band, while “Moon” features classical music I have written for solo harp, harp & oboe, orchestra, and choir. 

Playing with the ideas of reflection, shadow, light, and darkness, the two halves of Sun & Moon reflect one another, mirroring the relationship between these two art forms. Many of the musical themes pass back and forth between the two sides. A four-note motif begins “Sunrise” and ends “Sunset”, representing the space between light and dark, where everything blends together. This motif can be heard throughout both sides of the album, constantly blurring the thin separation between them. 
With Sun & Moon I strive to paint vividly with the light, the joy, the passion of modern commercial music, and the darkness, depth, and richness of classical music, and show that together they can communicate beauty in greater depths than either can alone. My hope is that through experiencing these two languages of art, listeners will have a new, deep, and visceral experience of beauty, for beauty is more than an idea, but is a reality that is meant to be deeply known and experienced. 

“Your eyes, they are so black. Darkness can’t see, of course. I will be your eyes, and teach you to see.” - The Romance of Photogen and Nycteris, George MacDonald
releases 07 April 2015

3/10/15 8:23PM

New song "Song of the Sun"..pretty great, love the vocal harmonies.

Some info about the record: Sun is the chamber/folk material, and Moon has the classical work.

2/23/15 7:15PM

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! SUN & MOON will be released world wide April 7th!!!!

4/5/14 8:30PM

not new, but this is amazing. The instrumental section around 3:40 is breathtaking. Can't wait to hear this record.

6/20/13 8:47AM
Today is my birthday, and wow, what a cool way to wake up and find out Timbre somehow raised nearly $5,000 in the last 24 hours to reach her goal!


I suspect the last few pledges may have been rather large, and to push her over the hump being just $5 past the $10K

Regardless, this is awesome to see and look forward to. Now I almost expect a masterpiece, which I'm sure Timbre is capable of, but with the needed amount of cash, this record can be made purely as she sees fit, and thus, that much greater.

6/8/13 11:39AM

Keep at it Timbre! $5800 left to go in the next 12 days. You Can Do It!.

Just to remind people who don't know Timbre, it's songs like this show how brilliant her music is.

5/7/13 5:55AM

the write-up below is from the Indiegogo Campaign. $10K in about a month-and-a-half. I think she can do it, but $10K is not nothing.

It sounds and I'm sure will be amazing. Double album at that. And it'll be coming in 2014 of course.

"St.Cecilia" sounds like it would be worth having this album for alone.

"Sun and Moon"

Art does not exist alone... art creates art.

This is the idea behind my newest project, "Sun and Moon". This double disc record explores the deep connection between classical music and modern songwriting. One disc, "Sun" will feature songs written with my band, songs about friendship, love, grief, nature, even a song based on a children's fairy tale (more on that later!). The other disc, "Moon", will feature a variety of classical music that I've written, from a harp and oboe duet, to a piece for full orchestra, choir, harp, and solo soprano (me!).

Both discs will feature many of the same musicians. Themes and ideas will pass back and forth between them, playing with ideas of dark and light, day and night. My desire is to show that classical music and "popular music" are deeply connected, as they have always been. Classical music and popular music each have their depth, their energies, their forms of communication, and together they can speak to us in even deeper and more beautiful ways.

I grew up in a completely classical world, listening to only classical and choral music until I was in my teens. I have sung classically from as early as I could stand up and make sounds, and have played harp classically for 20 years. I have been composing for a few years as well, and have had my pieces performed in cathedrals all over the world, including Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and St Peter's Basilica in Rome. I have also performed vocally with composer Eric Whitacre in Carnegie Hall for the premiere of his choral cycle, "The City and The Sea."

 Over the past 7 years, I have slowly found my way into a new world of popular music, writing songs  with my band and playing with a ridiculously diverse collection of bands, from people like mewithoutYou, the Chariot, Brooke Waggoner, to bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs and Jack White of the White Stripes. I have found a deep undercurrent of passion and art that connects these worlds, and I want to help my listeners plunge into the depth of those waters with me. 

I believe this album will introduce many listeners to classical music in a new way, in a way that can be attached to and felt. I also believe this album will take listeners into different depths of spiritual and emotional experience, as the different kinds of sounds take them to new places. I believe in this record, and I know I will be more proud of it than anything I have done yet! 

I also believe that the way we think about making music is changing. Music is not a commodity to be made and sold and consumed. Music is a form of deep expression, something that moves between souls, back and forth. I am so passionate about the idea of partnering with listeners. I am making this for you, to communicate with you, to share with you... and I cannot make it without you.


Our ideal budget for this album $20,000. That seems like such a big number, but recording an orchestra and choir(100 +people) is not something an independent artist often undertakes. We have set our minimum goal at $10,000, but to be able to go beyond just tracking and actually master, print, and promote this album, we need $20,000. We have already invested around $5,000 into it so far, and had to stop due to lack of funding. We will be starting back up in June if this fundraiser is successful!

Money will go towards:

-Tracking in Nashville and in Cincinatti

-Paying musicians (orchestra, choir, guest musicians)


-Engineering and mixing fees


-Printing (super expensive for a double disc)



The CRAZY thing with this whole project is that fact that I even have the opportunity to write for an orchestra and for a world-renowned a capella choir. I have a beautiful relationship with my alma-mater, Trevecca University, and their music department is working on this project with me. So few composers get the chance to even hear their music performed. This is a ridiculously rare opportunity and I am SO grateful! It should cost $50,000 or more to record 2 different orchestral pieces and two a capella choral pieces, in freaking CATHEDRAL. The fact that we are able to do this for only $20,000 is a little crazy. 


All perks include early download of album! 

In keeping with this idea that art creates art, we have partnered with friends from all over the U.S. to create unique pieces of art inspired by "Sun and Moon", which you can claim with a donation to our project! There will also be crochet art made by our cellist, Patrick Rush. We will be using crochet lace doily designs as apart of the album artwork, and those doilies are among the rewards!

Here are the art pieces we have available:

We also have lots of other goodies, including early downloads of the album, cover songs, house shows, even a piece of my harp. hahaha. but for real.

Just to be clear, we still have at least a year of work to do on this album, including a symphony premiere in november, which will be recorded for the album. All art rewards will be sent out once the fundraiser is over, but all music rewards will be dependent on the album release date. (approx July 2014)

If we don't reach our goal, we will keep working to put this album out ourselves! It might just take a while longer...

 More About The Album: 

"Sun and Moon" will explore many ideas of dark and light, of the mysteries of the unknown and the joy of exploring those places. 

Two snapshots of the album:

"Nycteris Sees the Sun" will be a song on the "Sun" album, and is inspired by a story written by George McDonald, "Day Boy and Night Girl- the Romance of Photogen and Nycteris" ( Photogen has lived entirely in light, and Nycteris has lived entirely in darkness, not knowing the other half of reality even exists. They meet, and must learn to see and love what they fear in the other. Nycteris, the girl, decides that the sun is more real than the moon, that she must KNOW this light, even if it destroys her.  My interpretation of her story expresses her decision to move from the dark of the cave that she knows into the pain and the glory of light. The music moves from a quiet, dark, contemplative sound then suddenly bursts into the frenzy of her joy and pain. Its one of my favourite songs I've ever written!! 

"St Cecilia: an Ode to Music" will be on the "Moon" album, and is written for full orchestra, choir, harp, and soprano solo. It was premiered in april 2012 and was the most incredible night of my life thus far. It explores the language of music, and again draws parallels between two worlds, this time between the natural and the spiritual. Here are my liner notes about the piece from that night:

 "St Cecilia" encompasses a series of concepts that are incredibly important to me as a composer and as an individual. It speaks of the transcendent nature, the spiritual language of music that reaches beyond what can be seen with our eyes or felt with our hands.

 “St Cecilia” also touches on a concept that has enraptured me: the unspeakable Name of God. In ancient Israel, "YHWH" represented the name of God that was beyond speaking, unknowable. Ephesians 3:19 says that we can "know this love that surpasses knowledge". That idea has always resonated with me, that we can know what is unknowable. We cannot fully quantify God, but we can know Him. We cannot fully define God, but we can experience Him. I think this is the unknowable knowing.

 I believe that if God exists, He is the ultimate form of all that is good. He is Love, He is Light, He is Joy. What I centered on for this piece is the idea that He is Beauty. All that is beautiful is a broken form of Him. And so, when we make something beautiful, we are pointing to and experiencing Him.

 These ideas came together for me in this... When we make music, music that is truly beautiful, we are speaking His Name. In song, we can speak the Unspeakable Name of God. We can participate in the mystery of His beauty, and actually hear Him sing back to us.

 St Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians. Christian legend says that as she was martyred, she sang praises to God. She died singing, and heard angels singing with her. I was struck with this, the closeness of the two worlds, joined by song. The piece begins with a plea for her to pray for us, with the hope that we too would experience God and touch heaven through music as she did.

 Other Ways You Can Help

Please use the share tools to pass this around to your friends! Together, we can make something completely new!

3/15/13 11:00PM

1 of the new songs "Chicago Pier," which sounds outstanding.

Timbre - Chicago Pier - Whalehead Sessions from Love Greatly on Vimeo.

11/9/12 2:09PM

I am excited to announce that WE GO INTO THE STUDIO TOMORROW!!!! We're driving to Cincinatti tonight and in the morning, Mason will start putting down our sweet beats!! Haha ;) Thus begins our new album "Sun and Moon" !!!!!!! #timbresunandmoon

 Pretty excited to hear this. 2010's Little Flowers is breathtaking at times, and having seen her twice this past year in my home state, including just over a month ago where she played 1 of the new pieces, my optimism about this record couldn't be higher.

The only thing is, she mentioned to myself and my friend John who was there as well, she has enough music for a double album, but she also didn't really know for sure when it would be coming out. Perhaps due to the fact she may want to release a double album, it may take all of next year to finish, thus perhaps a 2014 release.

But regardless, it's great news she is finally going into the studio to record it.
She is rather active on social media, so I imagine updates will be happening and bumps of this entry in the coming week/months when more info is certain. 

Very cool that both her and Brooke Waggoner have albums coming soon, for my and others female orchestral-oriented pop/rock/etc music fix.