Thursday, June 21, 2012

this blog has a boatload of images of her, that does go back to October of 2010, long before I ever heard her or the Gotye song "Somebody That I Used to Know."

But, that being said, it is a TUMBLR blog, thus its focus is on PHOTOS, almost to the point it's rather CREEPY.

Also, I don't really notice much if any actual opinions or discussion of HER ACTUAL MUSIC. It has videos that include interviews of course, but basically the people who run that blog, like more or less 90% or more of the blogs on TUMBLR, really don't have a goddamn personal thing to say or offer up.

I also suspect if the folks behind it actually tried to, would not really know much about what actually goes in to her music. How it was recorded, the instrumentation, etc.

In other words, this is still for the most part, like a Kimbra TABLOID, i.e. focusing on IMAGE and STYLE and NOT SUBSTANCE.

not to forget, one of the best things about Kimbra is how she is so passionate about OTHER MUSIC. But what are the odds that blog will ever have anything about a band like Gatherer? or even the other artists whose she's name dropped like The Mars Volta, The Dear Hunter, Mew, The Dillinger Escape Plan among many others. Pretty much no chance.

So while they're claiming to be the #1 source for All Things Kimbra, actually, they really don't cover all that much about what SHE IS ABOUT, save for the (mostly visual) content in OTHER (by the way) Media sources.