Friday, June 29, 2012

Kimbra and Janelle Monáe 7/14/12 Montreux Jazz Festival

I've made the comparison between the 2 ever since getting into Kimbra last Summer, but maybe this will finally bring more folks to follow why (and make the same comparison).

Both released rather impressive and well thought-out, refined, arty debut records in the last couple of years that were many years in the making. Both also have this great sense of music history they draw upon, especially soul music.

Now, having them play the same stage/bill is one thing, it might be another thing for this to lead to either/or a tour together or a collaboration.

I am curious, Kimbra knows who Janelle is, but does Janelle know Kimbra? likely, but how well? it'll be interesting if any comments come from Janelle after this show, that is I guess closing out this Jazz (of sorts) festival in France at Miles Davis Hall. Miles, being a big influence on Kimbra and possibly Janelle as well.

Now, if only Imogen Heap were there too. Maybe we'll see Miss Kimbra connecting down the road with her as well.