Monday, June 4, 2012

Kimbra: More Videos

It's amazing how much stuff there is on Youtube that you don't know about.

This 1st video is from Australia's version of 20/20 is rather in-depth, although there is not much about her music specifically, but it's more of a getting-to-know background kind of thing. Interesting about her manager not only discovering her 4 years ago, but more or less INVESTING in her financially, which I would guess should pay off now, given her success already. But that is kind of a bold move, although perhaps he's done that with others that didn't quite work out.

Also nice to see some comments from Gotye about Kimbra. I haven't really seen much about his thoughts of her music and album, so that was nice.

Her rapport with the interviewer, a Diane Sawyer-type, wasn't bad although it did seem she was digging for any kind of dirt. But perhaps this appearance, which shows multiple occasions of meeting and interviewing Kimbra, might lead to follow-ups.

These videos below, frankly, don't really resemble the Kimbra that most people know or are getting to know. The 1st one is an appearance she made from some group called Miami Horror. It's not a terrible tune, and I'm not certain if it's Kimbra portraying both female singers in the video, as the 1st one doesn't look exactly like her. Also the electronic effects on this song might be it's worst aspect.

These two are videos from her singer/songwriter phase, which as 1 person posted on youtube, basically sound like cookie-cutter Adult-contemporary kind of stuff ala Natalie Merchant or even Sheryl Crow a little. I honestly was bored by them, other than a few moments. It wouldn't surprise me Kimbra sees those and kind of laughs herself, as I watched a video of her from last year having her talk about her older music sounding like a lot of other music, whereas the last couple of years, her new music has given her her own voice.

Also interesting on how the guy in 1 of them resembles like a younger Gotye a bit, which is kind of funny.

But I suppose down the road for the hardcores like I am/may be, these songs will not be forgotten, especially tracing the evolution of her music's sound.