Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mercies - The Ballet [EP] (2012)

3/27/12 8:45AM

I'm still waiting on my Pre-Order Email download link, but until then, it's available to
stream for free here

edit: holeeeee those 1st 2 instrumental tracks are totally sublime. Maybe better than anything on Three Thousand Days lol.

4-stars. Wow, this year has not only been the year of the Bandcamp album, it's also become the biggest year for EPs, maybe ever. It's only March 27th, but I cound already 7 EPs in my top 25 releases, lol. I may have no choice but to make a 2nd EP Index with 50 or more at this rate, lol.

2/19/12 3:55PM

Interesting how Luke Dent, Erick Serna nor Nate Patterson are involved with this collection of songs. I suppose the music will speak for itself.
Mercies - The Ballet bandcamp link

1. Music for a Ballet: Light
2. Music for a Ballet: Dark
3. Clouds
4. In Your Mind
5. Take You Away
Tucked in the woods of northern Connecticut is the barn/recording studio/rehearsal space that Mercies calls home. Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Josh Rheault, with the help of his family and friends, restored the barn in the Fall and Winter of 2010/2011. Not only were 2×4′s cut, concrete poured, and electricity run, but Mercies found its humble beginnings through this restoration process.

While living in Los Angeles for several years and extensively touring/recording with his previous band, Josh’s desire to pursue his own avenue of expression as a songwriter began to come to life. When he returned home to Connecticut after going through these seminal experiences in L.A., the restoration of the old tobacco barn ensued, as early demos were recorded and plans for a full length emerged. Joined by friend, collaborator, and drummer Sammy Dent, the duo spent the Fall and Winter of 2010/2011 recording the album Three Thousand Days in the space now simply and affectionately referred to as “The Barn.”

The foundation of Three Thousand Days is deeply personal, yet presents easily relatable lyrics sung with powerful and memorable melodies. The album is colored with a homemade quality, an attention to detail, and a sonic exploration that was directly inspired by the place it was recorded. Quite simply, Three Thousand Days is “one of those releases that engages [you] within a few bars; immediately feeling like something special. Something important. Something to keep around, something to tell your best friends about.” (My Old Kentucky Blog)

Not wasting any time, Josh and Sammy, now joined by bassist Jordan Flower, have already begun to write material for their next full-length album. In addition, they will be releasing an EP titled The Ballet in March 2012 containing some new material, some reworked material, and their music for a ballet commissioned by The Charlottesville Ballet in Charlottesville, Virginia.

With their sights set on more collaboration with dance companies, other multimedia projects, scoring films, and touring to support Three Thousand Days, the future is looking bright for the ambitious trio.
releases 27 March 2012
2/13/12 11:16PM

I'll add the details of course soon-ish, but the title and release date, which I'm guessing will be initially just as a digital download on Amazon, iTunes and hopefully their Bandcamp page . I'm pretty curious about this since their debut album from 2011, Three Thousand Days, was terrific.

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