Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ours/Jimmy Gnecco - Black Card

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Ours Black Card

Starting at: $100.00

Your Ultimate Access Pass to Ours PLUS Jimmy Gnecco Solo Events
AVAILABLE NOW-March 31st, 2012
*Due to the nature of this offer, the Ours Black Card will NEVER be available again*

OURS Black Card5 year all access pass
Price: $100.00
Term: 5 years. All cards will expire on March 31st, 2017
DeliverablesOurs Black Card will provide access/invites to the following at Ours shows plus Jimmy Gnecco Solo shows:
  • Meet & Greets
  • Select Soundchecks and after show events
  • Invites to free private live shows and parties (for card holders only)
  • Invites to visits to recording studio & video shoots
  • Plus 15% discount on all cloth merchandise sold by Ours/Jimmy Gnecco at OURS/JIMMY GNECCO shows
  • And many other special card holder giveaways
*You can add as many additional people (+1, +2, etc.) to your card for an additional fee per person so you can bring your friends and family to all Ours Black Card events with you. Price breaks offered after +4.
Upon purchase, you will receive a confirmation email and your personalized Ours Black card in the mail by April 30th, 2012. Cards will be distributed ONE TIME ONLY. Management/Artist reserves the right to cancel any Black Card event due to unforeseen or reasonable circumstance. Management/Artist reserves the right to deny access to any Black Card event. Entry to shows, including Festival performances, is NOT included as part of the Black Card offering. Card is not valid for support performances, unless otherwise communicated. Card is non-refundable. If card is lost or misplaced, please contact Ourscontrolroom@aol.com. A replacement card may be purchased for an additional fee for the same card holder name as originally purchased. Cloth merchandise discount is only available at Ours/Jimmy Gnecco Solo shows. All festivals excluded from merchandise discount. Card holder must have valid email address to receive all news and updates regarding the OURS Black Card.

I feel a little bad/guilty to have not shared this many weeks or even months ago, as I recall 1st learning about it back in late December. My initial reaction was $100? why that much? and in comparing it to The Dear Hunter's Lifetime Membership, which was only $25, but FOR LIFE, it didn't seem like quite as good a deal. 5 Years is awhile, but it also has to be asked, to get USE out of it, Ours or Jimmy Gnecco HAVE TO ACTUALLY COME TO MINNESOTA. Which for the 1st 2 or more years I recall, when I was a fan (2005-2007) they/he did not. But then within a 2-year period, they came 4 times, only once not headlining. And then Jimmy was last in Minnesota in 2010 opening for Greg Laswell.

So, I suppose odds are they'll/Jimmy will end up back in town at least a few times in the next 5 years.

Plus, maybe using it in other towns isn't as far fetched as it may sound for me. Even just Chicago.

And the fact they haven't even determined everything it'll give access to, besides the perks listed there. Especially if anything ever comes about with Jimmy and Velvet Revolver/Slash. Namely, if some kind of collaboration happens, and suddenly a large demographic of people start to check out Ours/Jimmy's music as a result, having this CARD will allow me to still get to chat with Jimmy and the band, before or after shows without considering the venue or crowd.

Although like The Dear Hunter's Lifetime Membership I suspect, it will only happen at HEADLINE gigs at this point.

I would say for even the casual Ours or Jimmy fan at this point, it's a bit to spend, but anyone whose pretty into them, it very well may be more than worth getting.

Unfortunately, the deadline to purchase one ends on Saturday March 31st according to that link above. And as it says, this very likely will be a 1-time only offer. Now in 5 years, renewing it might be a possibility, but no guarantee about that. I suppose it depends on how successful this project is.

As far as Ours/Jimmy they are supposedly working on a new record right now, and Jimmy also has plans for Weathervane. But both of those camps have been relatively quiet from the stuff I've seen. I'm hoping some news will come in the next few months. I know there's a show coming up in April I think, so they are still playing live. But I recall not that long ago (within the last 2 months), Static posted on twitter, writing music for the next Ours record.