Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sucré - A Minor Bird (2012)

3/29/12 5:15AM
new song/single "Hiding Out" available

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nice subtle orchestration. It is the opening track on this record, which has a pre-order link now and the track list is now given here.

1. Hiding Out
2. When We Were Young
3. Troubled Waters
4. Light Up
5. Chemical Reaction
6. Say Something
7. Persuasion
8. Stampede
9. No Return
10. Endless Sleep
11. The Cliff Waltz

3/6/12 8:21PM

"Happy to reveal the cover+title of the album "A Minor Bird."

From the forthcoming debut album, A Minor Bird (April 10th, 2012).

Sucré is Stacy King, Darren King, Jeremy Larson.