Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sound & Shape - Hourglass (2012)

This is somewhat unexpected at this time, they just announced last evening this is their new record and it's available now on iTunes exclusively. As they posted with this announcement on Facebook, it should be available on compact disc at shows among places eventually.

1 No Time to Explain 2:33
2 Everybody Leaves 2:42
3 Wolves in the Forest 3:45
4 Able Archer 3:06
5 The Whispering Boy 3:07
6 Signals 2:21
7 Hourglass 2:36
8 Wheels to Babylon 3:15

given who knows when I'll get to see them, and when this record will be available in other places and I want to support them I bit the bullet and downloaded this on iTunes. As much as it pains me to have to pay Apple for music, and have to convert the files. But so be it, $7.32 isn't a fortune.

Although in streaming the converted tracks on Windows Media Player just now, I'm hearing some clipping, and not of the cymbal-compression variety. I worry it's from converting the bitrate. I suppose once I burn this and listen via headphones, I'll know.

As far as impressions on this just off the bat, the style isn't incredibly different from their other music, namely 2011's Now Comes the Mystery EP. Shorter songs, and in this case, a shorter album being about 24 minutes. It's more of the length of an EP. Maybe The Love Electric will be their only work in epic length songwriting?

I was thinking earlier, I hope these guys don't go the way of a band like The Apex Theory, who made a fantastic 15 minute song/EP with Lightpost, and then the follow-up record Faces (under new name Mt. Helium) was spotty at best, and thus disappointing. The Love Electric is terrific, their debut record Where Machines End Their Lives isn't as good, but still okay.

I guess I'm hearing some moments on many of these songs, including a few with strings and horns; but I'm hoping headphones will lend to more of the *wow* factor I got from when I 1st discovered them with The Love Electric.