Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kevin Gilbert's The Shaming of the True (live) 6/2/2012

CalProg is honored to announce the only show of the epic rock opera by the brilliantly twisted late, great Kevin Gilbert called "The Shaming of the True". This full-scale theatrical production is being directed by Mark Hornsby (Rewiring Genesis) and Nick D'Virgilio who also is featured in the starring role as Johnny Virgil. The band is comprised of musicians that all performed with Kevin at some point in his career. They are:

Stan Cotey - Guitar (Giraffe)
Dave Kerzner - Keys (Thud)
Paul Ill - Bass (Kaviar)
Brian MacLeod - Drums - (Toy Matinee, Tuesday Night Music Club, Thud, Shaming, Kaviar)
Plus Special Surprise Guests

"Shaming" was something that Kevin worked on off and on for years throughout his career. NDV who had been intimately involved in many aspects of the project decided to complete it for him following his untimely tragic passing, and the finished product was this brilliant piece of work. It was performed live only once in 2002 at ProgWest. It had been recorded for a live release, but due to glitches in the recording it was never released. This time it will be recorded digitally for a DVD/CD production, and there will be no "glitches"!

Shaming of the True Live
Saturday June 2, 2012 - 8:00pm
The Shannon Center for the Performing Arts at Whittier College (seats 400)
Tickets go on sale This Saturday (March 17) at 8am, only at http://www.calprog.com (do not call the theater)
$80 - Orchestra
$70 - Mezzanine and Balcony

The album follows the career of a singer/musician named Johnny Virgil, which follows an arc common to many big rock and roll bands/stars. It starts out promisingly, but he is lured into the common trap of record-company exploitation and seduced by fame and drugs/alcohol. He becomes more and more burned out and withdrawn as his career becomes larger than life, feeling like he's losing touch with his humanity, until the whole thing culminates in a breakdown. He goes through a period of disillusionment and depression but eventually makes peace with himself. A number of clues (last song title, lyric "End of a long days life," reprise of train whistle in distance, etc..) may also indicate that Johnny dies penniless on the street or takes his own life.


I'd love to go, but with this, as of right now, looking at costing $500 or so at least (the cheapest airfare from Minneapolis to LA around June 2nd, is $319 right now, lol), along with other costs and potential trips

-The Dear Hunter in Boston May 9th
-A cousin of mine's Bat Mitzvah in Cleveland May 11th-12th
-Marillion in Chicago June 22nd/23rd

-Bend Sinister in Winnipeg March 13th
-A trip to Scottsdale, Arizona in the next month
-Arch/Matheos in Hartford, CT May 5th

I just don't follow how I will be able to afford this. The Marillion shows are the only one's I am certain I will put money and priority to, as I bought 2 tickets to each show for myself and my girlfriend.

I suspect the timing of this being so-close to not only the upcoming Marillion tour in June, but also Nearfest Apocalypse, which just sold out a little over a week ago, I'm thinking were not factored in. It likely was the best and maybe only time/weekend all these people had free over the next 6 months or more. Namely Nick I'd imagine, with his busy Cirque Du Soleil schedule.

But it's unfortunate for myself and maybe some of those others who already planned trips to see Marillion and/or Nearfest (among other shows/trips) this late Spring/Summer. Because if this was taking place say in August/September/October I'd probably not even question about going. I would, even at the somewhat hefty $70-$80 ticket cost. Given this is Kevin's music, played by people who he played with, and that it seems, like The Dear Hunter show in Boston, like a sort-of Kevin Gilbert fan convention, the $500 wouldn't seem so unreasonable. But so soon around the time of this other stuff, I'm really doubting I can throw that level of cash to this.

I guess their may be some kind of Kevin Gilbert-related opener, but that is not able to be announced at this time.

At least it may come out on CD/DVD unlike the 2002 ProgWest show, but that's kind of a consolation at best. I suppose the thinking could be, like the Kevin tribute act, Champions of Nothing, they could try and do this another time in the near future. Maybe even in Chicago, but that may be wishful thinking, because like I said before, a lot of the timing of this, was how it could work around the schedules of those involved. Nick and some of the others may never have another weekend to do this (and time to prepare) for many years, if ever.

But I guess we'll see. I will at least think about buying a ticket, like I did for The Dear Hunter The Color Spectrum show. Other things like meeting the Used Bin guys and some other stuff in LA would be nice, along with meeting many of the Kevin Gilbert fans. I wonder if even some of his direct family or ex-girlfriend Cintra Wilson might be there. Or The Debster (Debbie Miller) who runs his website and 1 of the email lists as well. Some of them likely, which I suppose meeting them would be another potential interest of mine. But I still can't ignore the cost and timing for now.